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How to Start Making Money with Sales Letters

Aug 17, 2007
Have you been wondering how to start making money online? Sometimes the thought of it can be overwhelming. I know this from my own experience working online and starting an online business from home.

The great thing about doing business online is that you really don't have to have your own product or service to sell. While it can really boost your sales and reputation to have your own product to sell, you can make a good income through affiliate selling too.

Affiliate selling means placing a link on your website to other people's products and/or services and earning a commission whenever someone clicks on those links and buys something from that link.

Whether you have your own product or service, or are promoting someone else's, you can really start making a lot more money online if you have a good sales letter to promote.

A sales letter is like a web page that provides all the benefits someone would receive by buying your product or service. It's like a big, bold, loud advertisement - the kind you might see on TV, only people surfing the net perhaps would come across it wherever you choose to display it.

There are many elements of a good sales letter, or ad copy, that can help you start making money. Try as you might to throw one together yourself without knowing about and including these important elements, and I hate to say you may see very few sales.

So what must you do to start making money with sales letters?

First, you need a catchy title or headline for your sales page. When you read the newspaper, you look first at the headline to see if it's anything you want to read further about.

If it's a boring heading like "Dog Grooming", your visitors may not see that as a reason to read any further. You can't make sales if your readers don't go beyond the headline. Instead you may choose a title like "Top Ten Dog Grooming Tips that will Make Your Pup #1".

Next, you want to define a problem that your readers or visitors might be having. For example, if your dog is competing in a dog show, but you haven't found a way to make them jump through hoops, then you've just found a problem to describe: "Can't get your pup to jump through hoops?"

Naturally, you would next offer a solution to the problem, such as offering a special training course for new pups on jumping through hoops, or perhaps a special Mexican jumping bean for dogs?

Following the solution, you want to start providing some information about yourself so that your readers and visitors know that you are someone they can trust, and someone they want to do business with.

You can then provide the benefits of purchasing your product or service, such as beating the competition, learning the ropes of training your dog, or that it's a healthy food alternative for competitive dogs.

If you want to start making money with sales letters, it's also a good idea to include testimonials from others who have used your product or service and been satisfied with it.

If you have testimonials it really builds credibility. It should include the person's name, where they are from, and their URL or phone number to ensure that it is not a false testimonial, which is against the law.

Next, you can start making money by telling the customer how to purchase your product or service. Provide the link to the order form, price, extra bonus incentives, and a guarantee policy.

A guarantee policy is a good thing to have because it builds trust. If the customer has a free 14-day trial, then they have nothing to lose. If there is a money-back guarantee, there is nothing to lose, and they will be more inclined to make the purchase.

Another good trick to start making money is to make a time-limited offer that encourages them to buy right now, as opposed to giving them a chance to think about it and come back later, which they may not.

If you were wondering how to start making money online, then you now have ways you can do it with an incredible and effective sales letter that contains the above elements. Don't underestimate the power of a good sales letter! You could be missing out on some big sales!
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