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How Content Publishing Helps To Maximize Traffic Generation On Your Blog!

Aug 17, 2007
Business blogs or b-blogs are becoming increasingly popular to be used an an online medium for business on the Internet. More and more businesses are using informational articles and obtaining regular readers to promote their products.

Blogs are becoming the next best online Internet medium to promote products by using content publishing other than the website. In fact, traffic generation for it is much more easily obtained than getting traffic to generate on a website.

Take note of these key points you should use in your blog:

1.Social Bookmarking

Have you submitted your blog for social bookmarking yet?

Social bookmarking is the act of bookmarking or 'tagging' other websites to share links and resources with the online internet community. You can use tagging to tag your photos, articles, news stories and more!

Submit your blog to social bookmarking sites such as Technorati and Del.icio.us. There are over 55 million blogs to date that are listed with Technorati. Create your own technorati account and readers can add your blog to their list of favourites, making them come to your site more.

What you have to do is to add tags at the end of your posts to Technorati and your content will get noticed very quickly.

2.Content Publishing Keywords

For search engine optimization purposes, in your articles, you have to make sure that your keywords make up at least 2-5% of the whole article. it is best to have the first keyword phrase at the first paragraph, the second and third in the body copy of the article and lastly in the last paragraph.

In this way, your article is thoroughly keyword-focused and is easily picked up by search engines and blog search directories.

3.Submitting Articles

When you submit your articles to article directories, your articles will get more exposure when it is read by other readers who want to find out more information from you. Seeing you as a recognized expert, they tend to burn up for more information and will click on your link to head on down to our website.

Submit articles that are more than 400-500 words and keyword optimized as taught in point number two mentioned in this article. Article marketing has been known to increase the number of visitors who transform into your customers, so why not take advantage of it?

Overall, content is a must-have for a blog. But keyword optimized content works best for your website. Get started with content publishing now on your blog to help save and increase your business sales in more ways than one.
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Jo Han Mok is a #1 bestselling author and a masterful planner in developing successful content publishing strategies. Find out how he can make you discover the internet millionaire within! Visit his website at http://www.internetmillionairecode.com
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