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Ride the Article Wave To Success

Aug 17, 2007
Entrepreneurs everywhere are discovering one form of business marketing that offers an easy and inexpensive way to get targeted exposure and site traffic.

Through article marketing, you provide publishers with content that is in very high demand. In return, they allow you to tack an About the Author box to the end of each of your articles that lists your contact information and website.

That means a mention of you and a link back to your site, free of charge. Who ever said nothing in life comes for free?

Another advantage article marketing offers is the fact that it is long lasting. Once you send out a batch of articles, you can watch them work for months and even years to come.

Presell Your Visitors
Presold customers are individuals who plan on buying something before they even walk through the front doors of the store. They are the best customers to have because they know what they want, at least to some degree. These customers require little attention or effort on your part in order to make a sale.

Article marketing helps to create these presold customers in a couple of ways.

First, article distribution services offer an easy way to categorize your articles and send them to relevant websites. This way your readers will oftentimes already be interested in what you have to say. Sending articles about mental health to a website for auto mechanics just wouldn't make sense.

(Some of the article distribution services out there include ArticleMarketer.com, ThePhantomWriters.com, and SubmitYourArticle.com)

Reaching your target market through article categorization will help you make contact with customers who are the likeliest to purchase your product.

The other way article marketing uses the idea of presold customers is by informing a customer about a subject related to your industry and thus making your product seem necessary to them before they even visit your website. An interested reader will then visit your site with the intention of making a purchase.

Educating Your Market
Perhaps the purest reason for writing articles is to better inform consumers about your industry. Many individuals use the Internet to help them solve problems, whether it is related to health, financial, home improvement, or anything else.

For instance, someone who has just discovered their roof is leaking may hop on the Internet to look for solutions. If you own a roofing business, you may have written an article about how to deal with the problem for which this individual has just encountered.

Since the reader is sitting under a leaky roof, they may just take your advice without checking out your website. There is no love lost here, but there is a strong likelihood that this same person will revisit that same useful source and will eventually be linked back to your site sometime in the future.

Offering some free information up front will almost always elicit a positive response down the road. If you are indeed offering a quality product, you are probably seeking an educated customer who knows what they are looking for and why they are looking for it. It never hurts to inform the market and to help them better understand your industry.

With the many advantages of article marketing, it is hard to come up with a reason not to test the waters and write a few articles yourself. Get in on the action today and get writing!
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Tiva Kelly offers advice and support to authors at Article Marketer.com, a highly popular article distribution service. Do you want more traffic to your site? Submit an article through Article Marketer and start building backlinks today!
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