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Three Key Components of Ecommerce Success

Aug 17, 2007
Ecommerce is slowly becoming one of the most important forms of economical expression. I won't go into numbers explaining how many billions of dollars worth of transactions are made via the internet each year. I will just emphasize the fact that ecommerce can indeed be a very exciting endeavor for those who are interested enough to get to know the techniques it involves.

You see, there are many merchants out there who simply disregard basic internet marketing rules and end up in bankruptcy or in leaving money on the table for others to take.

And the first important rule is: don't disregard your site. In order to have good sells, you need to have an appealing selling medium. Don't look at your site as a simple site, look at it as your store. After all, what store you prefer to go in? A neat, clean one or a dirty one? Would you buy from the dirty one?

That's how your visitors will perceive it if your site is not professional. It should be the expression of your products, and it can be very useful if it has a feeling of its own. That's what will make customers differentiate you from the others and come over again, buy some more, and even refer you to others. This is called branding and yes, online marketing is no different from its offline counterpart.

Also, your site should be able to lead fast. Try avoiding flash animations or stuff like that which will only make your site load with difficulty. This will only make your visitors get annoyed and leave in a moment. After all, why stay at your place when they have all the other available options just a click away?

Ecommerce is also about one other important thing: niche marketing. As I was saying, competition is fierce in all but a few fields of activity on the internet. That's why you need to differentiate from the others with niche marketing.

Niche marketing basically is what its name suggests. You need to pick a particular niche and to dominate it, and the further down you are able to break it, the greater your chances of success are. Of course, you don't want to go ridiculously down, like selling soccer balls with green yellow and black dots only. In this example, selling all sorts of soccer balls would be a fairly good option.

And last but not least, in order to be a successful internet marketer, you need one more important thing. It is crucial, maybe the most crucial of them all: an open mind. If you don't have that, you will probably get stumbled along the way. This is because you don't have a store which you can touch, it's just a website. At least this is what others would say.

The truth is that you have to treat it seriously, like any other business. If you are smart, you will sell much more than with an offline store. This is what makes ecommerce so exciting after all.
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