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Aug 17, 2007
When people first begin a home business, it is most likely their first foray into this type of work. No matter their experience level in the business they are running, operating a business from home is way different from working for someone else. Many communities have retired business people who are willing to share their past experiences and knowledge to help mentor those opening a home business.

You need to keep in mind, however that many offering home business mentoring may not have the experience of internet or online businesses but their general business experience will still be appropriate. It makes no difference whether your business is online or offline, the basic theories of customer service and maintaining business ethics will be the same. When it pertains to marketing and advertising your home businesses, there is going to be vast differences between online and offline businesses.

With the understanding that an online business will lure its customers from the internet, you will need to market your business mostly on the internet. It is the age old practice of being where your customers are. However, how and where you market your business is only one piece of the home business puzzle. You will still be working at home and have a home business mentor that can teach you how to juggle your work and home life successfully, this can mean more than any aspect of your business.

Working from home can offer challenges that never present themselves when working outside the home. Little, daily chores always seem to get in your way while trying to work at home. You have to learn to ignore the little tasks around the house during the hours that you set aside as working hours. Additionally, you have to teach other family members and your friends that your home business is your source of income and constant interruptions in your conducting business can mean interruptions in earning your living. Without that understanding, you can plan on your home business failing. Someone actually suggested once that when working in your home office, you may want to get a guard dog to keep people out while you work.

That may sound like an off the wall suggestion but being able to maintain a proper work environment while working at home is mandatory for your home business success. Organizing you home business for efficient working conditions will also help make running your business easier and you can work with a home business mentor to help determine the right equipment to help run it more smoothly as well as how to arrange your home office to make it more efficient. Having items you will need daily at your fingertips and getting into the habits that are important to your organization are things a home business mentor can help you learn.
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