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10 Ways To Make Your Interviewer Love You!

Aug 17, 2007
It can be tough to be an interviewer. Clients on your back to be thorough, yet fast in creating employees they want. So they will need your help - and that can, in turn, help you too!

And then to make a pretty important judgement of the capability of the individual. It's a tough life on the end of an assessment sheet!

So, the big opportunity for you is to get in their and make their life so much easier. By doing this, not only will you stand a far better chance of being successful, because you get to tell your story, but you will also get them onside for you when it matters.

And, did I mention that you will go into the meeting, clear on your tactics, in much more control than you might have before. Which gives you confidence - all the more important then!

So what can you do.

Here are Ten Ways to successfully have someone interview you!

1. You listen well and pay full attention

By paying full attention you show your interviewer that they matter; they are important and above all, you care and respect them!

2. You just as interested in them

Tricky in an interview as they want to know about you, but it needs to be what they see! Self-preservation and looking after yourself are the most important and primitive of behaviors - but in building great relationships, it's vital to show the other person is the one that matters most in the moment!

3. You keep promises and do what you say you will

By answering fully, giving information they need, you are delivering what you say you will, which is a big asset for you, as long as you are completely consistent and true.

4. You are supportive of them in the conversation

By working with them to give them the information they need it will be to your advantage. This is not the time to get awkward and be difficult. Be on their side, help them to help you!

5. You share resources

Sometimes, during an interview you will sense that you know more about something than they do - and often its resources that you have and they don't. By offering to supply these to them after the event, you will create a two-way process and that emotionally binds them to your side.

6. You aren't judgemental, but very objective

This is a big talent, if you can do it. IT's so easy to judge and make assumptions when you are under pressure (some people do this all the time), yet if you can suspending that sort of behavior is of value. It leads them to realize that you are generous and understanding as well as capable of making decision based on real fact and not on hearsay.

7. You talk less than you listen (see a pattern here!)

In an interview, this is pretty difficult and, of course should be. Its going to be your job to do most of the talking. Yet, there will be moments where you can listen and showing that you are doing make the interviewer-interviewee relationship much stronger. Also bear in mind that you can show this off to it's full potential before and after the formal process.

8. You make time for them

A little like the point above - and more. Sometimes in a conversation, formal or otherwise, you can sense when someone wants to talk a little about something. Being generous enough to make that space for them, despite your own challenges on the day, is a really strong and memorable relationship builder. By asking the open questions to find out more to encourage their thinking, works well.

9. You say 'yes' when you can and 'no' when you can't - and are honest about it

It can be easy to make the wrong call here. Interviewers recognise integrity - and a lack of it. By agreeing or disagreeing to something, when your body language, voice and general demeanour say otherwise, is a clear indication that you are not being completely honest.

10. You are encouraging, enthusiastic, supportive and challenging

During an interview you will have the opportunity to use all these - and by doing so you will be able to show yourself off for who you truly are. The real you needs to be able to demonstrate them, in your control, in your 15 minutes of fame here.

Great relationships are hard to come by - yet in us all is the potential to create unlimited numbers of wonderful allies - including those who take the time and energy to interview us.
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