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If You Had To Choose. Get A Decision Or Create A Relation With Your Prospects?

Aug 17, 2007
Of course, in the best of worlds you get the decision first and through this action you build a much faster relation to your prospect.

There is one tool or strategy that has only this target in mind. You probably have heard of or seen one. You might have bought from one. You even might have thought of making one yourself. There must be a reason why you are constantly stumbling over these mini-sites.

What makes the mini-site used by so many internet marketers?

A mini-mite is a website based preferably with 1-4 pages. And they are not there to create a relation to you as a prospect or customer. They are only (or should be) made to get a decision from you. Buy or not buy. A very targeted marketing tool you might say.

A powerful way of a mini-site structure could be made as follow and have made, some marketers, alot of money:

#1 Your logo (plus some additional photo that catches the prospects attention and sets them in the right mood) and preferable a clear navigation with your links horizontally below. It makes it easier to view the content of your offer, witch makes your prospect less stressed.

#2 The headline with a powerful benefit. Always benefit before feature.

#3 The testimonial - If you don't have any testimonials yet, email some of your customers or send the product to a few of your prospects for free in exchange for their testimonial. You got to have your credentials.

#4 Give your customer a small introduction to the subject and tell them about problems in this area and build up on the frustration they feel because of them.

#5 Introduce your product. If it is an informational one, it is very important to give it a psychological appearance.

#6 Now you give your prospect all the benefits with your product. How will it solve their problems. Create desire!

#7 Create an irresistible offer and call to action. Bonuses - benefit - deadline.

#8 Give your prospect a guarantee. The longer and deeper guarantee, the more sale. But be sure you are able to match it.

#9 Finaly give them the #1 benefit and ask for the order. If you don't ask for it, they probably won't do it. Make it as easy as possible for them to order.

This is one proven way. But as an internet marketer you always have to test it continuously adapted to your specific market.

If you are using it to sell an affiliate's product you should always head for the subcription before you give the affiliate link away. Otherwise you might loose the most important asset - subcriber to your newsletter. Be creative!

Jim Edwards has stated as follow:
- I wasn't making any money, but once I learned how to set up two, three, four-page Mini-Sites, that's when the money really started coming in, and my online business went from being just a money hobby to a serious, fulltime income.

I wish you got enough stuff to take the leap and begin to build your own mini-site profits. This could be your most important online business decision of your life.
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If you want to start using this marketing technique there is a really nice free video tutorial on how to make it happen. You will find a link at my site...

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