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Steps To Build Up Your Link Popularity

Aug 17, 2007
Today, with numerous pages available on the internet dealing with every single topic, webmasters are constantly on the lookout to increase the traffic to their site. One method that gained prominence over the others around was building link popularity. This means that if your site is linked to many other sites, it is regarded as a key resource on that topic and hence features higher in search engine results for that topic.

However like with so many other things on the internet, people found ways to control this method. Certain people created sites known as link farms whose only purpose was to build the link popularity of other sites. These contaminated search results and gave some sites a ranking far higher than their content deserved. This came to the notice of the search engines and prominent ones like google have imposed penalties on websites coupled with the link farms and also renovated their algorithms to deal with such deceptive activities undertaken by the webmasters.

As with everything in life the best way to build link popularity is the right way. Try getting links to your site from other sites related to the same or similar topics. However just any site is not enough. The onus here should lie on getting quality links. This could prove to be tedious and time consuming. The steps to be followed in doing so are as follows:
Search for websites having content similar to yours and of a high quality.
Get in touch with the respective webmaster.
Wait for a response from their side.
Exchange links if you receive an affirmative reply.

There are some automated ways too of carrying on this process. But you should be cautious before using them. The above 4 step method is the most effective. This will ensure you build up your site links and get a better ranking.

Another efficient way to build the ranking of your site and yet not incur the wrath o the search engines is personally writing articles. Remember tat webmasters constantly long for well written, rich in content, grammatically correct articles. If you have sufficient knowledge on a topic related to your site, writing an article could be a sure shot way to increase the popularity of your site. Writing articles may seem tough at first but appears pretty simple as you gain in experience. It is considered a very effective method and is better than the website linking method described above, due to certain reasons:

The articles written become constant features of that site.
It helps enhance your credibility and showcases your expertise on various fields.
If the article is of a high quality, then rest assured that the reader will click on your link just out of curiosity or to gain more information.
You could include many links in the course of your article at proper places and even in the resource box.
You can also include your related links in the article if they contain matter on the same lines.
You could most certainly add this article to your own website too.
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