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Networking; Not Working?

Aug 17, 2007
The interesting thing about the title is that it's meaning depends on you. Just like this: "opportunityisnowhere."

Do you read it: "Opportunity is Now Here" or do you read it "Opportunity is Nowhere." The choice is yours, as is the choice betweeen reading the title as "Network Marketing is Nothing Like Working" or "Network Marketing Does Not Work."

If you prefer the later, well, unfortunately for you this industry has been under constant growth for some 30+ years now. Network marketing may not work for you, and it may not work for your friends, but it does work. It must have been put here for a reason because it keeps getting bigger.

No need to fret though; you're not alone. In fact, a majority of people, even within the industry itself question it's viablility. Most networkers fail and everyone knows it.

The question is: "Is Network Marketing A Scam?"...i.e. is it something that's 'not working.'

Even basing our answer simply on the success rate in Network MArketing wont make it a 'scam' because a majority of people fail at a majority of things. I read recently that an upper management insider with one of the fast-food giants stated that even within their management team they had a 100% turnover rate per year. Yep, most people fail there too.

The difference is that nobody twists your arm to be a manager at Quickie Burger because of the fantastic financial opportunity to eventually become C.E.O. and "Make "$10,000 a month" although that opportunity does exist. It becomes a matter of the opportunity's presentation really.

Anyone can succeed at anything they choose. Quickie Burger, or Network Marketing; it does not matter. Millionaires have been made in almost every conceivable way. In fact, if you do your research, Network Marketing has created more millionaires in the recent past than any other industry.

So I ask you, does it matter how Network Marketing is presented? Does that alone make it "not work" as the title suggests?

What I have found is this: the only thing that does not work with Network Marketing are the people IN Network Marketing. They chose 'in.' Other people just like them became millionaires between when they got started and when they decided to quit. It was not Network Marketing that failed; it was the person and because of the initial presentation it becomes easy to blame whomever told them they 'could make upto $XX,XXX this month.'

Which leads me to my final question: "When does a person become responsible for their results?"

I submit the answer is "always." If you allow someone else, or a company, or an opportunity presentation to be responsible for your results then you've lost control of your life.

I say do your research. Be smart. Be willing to take risks, and be willing to fail if you want something more than the next guy or gal. Your results are up to you and the sooner you take ownership of your success, well, the sooner you own success.

In conclusion, Network Marketing, most certainly, does work. It can work for anyone who chooses to make it so. It's been proven over and over with average people. You choose your results, and finally, you get to take responsibility for them!

Now that you're in control it's a good place to end this article.
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Shannon Hansen is an entrepreneur and coach who dedicates his business to creating success levels in his student they previously thought impossible. For more information visit Shannon's site at http://www.LightfootAssociates.com
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