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The 1 Step Network Marketing Success

Aug 17, 2007
It's a word that you may have heard many times that just brings a small chill in your spine. But why? Is it because you're not rich? Is it because your parents aren't involved in the political party?

It's so simple. So simple that most network marketers are so cleverly hiding from everyone they meet; yet is also able to keep this secret for far too long. The reason is you don't have a large network.


When anyone tells you they have been meeting a new person today and they had created a new opportunity, you ask yourself "why don't I have this same luck?"

Oops, here we go again... get ready for the advice on how to make more friends and influence people. It's where all of us could've been wrong in guessing the answer I wanted to offer to you above.

The good news is there will be no beating around the bush about what you should or should not do. We'll cut straight to the chase. Time is of the essence, let's go.

Fact is, you don't have a huge network because you are comfortable in your own circle of friends. Surely, you can see that this fact directly correlates to your lifestyle. If you're not a person who likes to make friends - you will only have a limited amount of friends and probably for a good reason that they are almost exactly like you too.

It will be tough for your circle of friends to change, especially when you are the one who is supposed to make the move to come out of the herd. It was tough for me too. You see, when you begin to want to mix with a different group of people it takes a change in taste and interest in your aspect of life. Strangely, as you begin to mix with minded individuals who want to improve their business or productivity be it in business or work; you will increase in business too.

Here's where the magic begins. Your network increases as well. Most of the time, for instance if Mike likes you he will introduce and mention your name to Mary and so forth. As we discuss about this you will soon see that all it takes is a small effort for big rewards. All glory at the end is not just powerful friendships but also an increase in your number of clients.

My closing is this. Make a change in your lifestyle today and don't just think you should. Do it. Start with a small step of doing something different later. Then, make it consistent. Watch the results.
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