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Primary Requisites For A Successful Home Business

Aug 17, 2007
Running a home business has always interested people especially mothers and the home bound. However starting the business is not a game. It does not involve simply setting up your computer and beginning. People are often deterred from venturing further, when they become aware of some of the complexities included with regards to taxation, insurance and others.

The primary ploy is to get rid of home-office related expenditure. This is a smart move but will require undertaking certain steps. You will have to use the office space solely for your business work. You should not use it for family affairs even after work hours. The IRS will qualify you for the above privilege only if you satisfy at least one of the three conditions: the office place should not be a part of your house; you should use the office as a meeting place with clients or it should be your - Foremost business location -.

Now what are the advantages by doing so? You can easily get rid of expenses meant for your entire dwelling like renovations, mortgage interest, property taxes, insurance and utilities. The money to be deducted can be calculated by dividing the area of your workplace by the area of your entire house in square feet.

One thing to keep in mind is that these deductible expenses will not exceed the income from the business. Only expenses related to home business insurance or work supplies can get totally eliminated irrespective of their limit.

You should also be wary of zoning laws. They differ from locality to locality. In some places you may need a license to run the business and may have to pay an annual fee. Certain laws may restrict the number of employees or clients. Some others may even completely ban having them. Sometimes there are laws that determine the percentage of your house that can be devoted to the business.

Another important point to be aware is that the home business insurance policies generally do not cover any business liability or business equipment. So if an employee injures himself during work hours it becomes your lookout. Also not having an insurance policy may get you in trouble if your house gets damaged due to a work related casualty, say fire caused due to the business activity.

A way out may be to add an additional clause t your insurance policy to cover your office property, equipment and other liabilities. The premium will depend on other factors like the nature of the work involved, number of employees, etc. If your equipment is very costly, you may be advised to go in for another policy.

With the recent boom in home businesses, there are policies that cover both on and off premises liabilities, damage to equipment, data mishaps, etc. But you should read the conditions carefully and scrutinize the terms so that there are no gaps or overlaps in the insurance coverage.
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