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Millionaires Reveal The Secret In Everything They Do

Aug 17, 2007
Was it Fate? Or is it HoloMagic?

Imagine how YOUR life would change if you started earning an annual salary every month!

Buy yourself a new car! Take the family on a luxury vacation for two weeks down under followed by another week in Orlando, Florida, with a 3 day pass for the kids at DisneyWorld!

Surely you'll admit there are mysterious things in this world... Doesn't it make sense these same moments of mystery and power occur in the wealth field, too?

Sometimes a single meeting with a single person can mean millions of dollars!

It did for me when I met Brett McFall a few days before Christmas 2002 in a hotel in Phoenix. Together, along with another millionaire partner, Tom Hua, we circled the globe with World Internet Summit.

It may look like you just stumbled upon this special report, yet this moment could be one of those millionaire meetings for you... Open to it...

Though the story continues into your future... Let's open a page of the past, and start at the beginning of this episode...

It's 1908, and Napoleon Hill, a pup burning with ambition on his first reporting assignment, is sent to interview the aging, multi-millionaire philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie.

It could have been the usual vaporizings of wisdom stimulated and caught from an elder, respected, very, very wealthy man (worth hundreds of millions), captured in 90 minutes, written into an article, and forgotten about henceforth.

But it wasn't.

Nearing the end of what turned into an exciting 3-day MasterMind, Carnegie invited Hill into the initiate's circle, pending, of course, he answered the question and the charge correctly, even within 60 seconds (though Hill didn't know about that barrier of loss he never pushed to...).

What Hill did have, and Carnegie saw this in him, and certainly wanted to give it a chance, was an unbridled passion to discover how the rich get rich.

Mentor - mentee relationship

Carnegie commissioned Hill to interview living millionaires until he could discover and present in workable terms the secret to success.

In other words, because Carnegie already had possession of the secret, he didn't send him out to just "see if there is a secret". He knew there was, and...

He extracted an oath from the young man to discover and to present that exact formula and process, in a step-by-step formula and process that anyone could use to infallibly grow rich.

What secret, which, when revealed and applied, would make the attraction of wealth easy, not hard, almost automatic, as in water flows downhill and in huge amounts...

Hill spent 25 years at the height of his powers engaged morning, noon, and night in this consuming passion.

He interviewed over 500 of America's richest businessmen, and, just as he suspected, he did discover a "formula to riches".

As my buddy, Tony Robbins, says... "Success leaves clues." It took a LOT of investigative study, and field work, but, after all, these millionaires reveal the secret in everything they say and do...

Napoleon Hill first discovered it, codified it, and presented it to the world.

That was the incredibly great thing he did... Instead of going to a sole individual and trying to dig out the secret formula and process to creating riches, he gathered 500 together... And searched until he found the only common threads...

He discovered the 13 traits all millionaires share that could be the missing link, the secret that makes them multi-millionaires... The secret, that when applied, could make YOU a multi-millionaire.
About the Author
A leader in the human potential movement, Ted Ciuba, writes and presents on
harnessing that "HoloMagic c2 Factor" to acquire wealth. He presents a specific
13 point formula which works every time in his best-selling *The NEW Think and
Grow Rich*. The book and other bonus learning aids can be found at
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