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How to Boost Your Website Traffic with Linking Strategies

Aug 17, 2007
Search engines determine the ranking of indexed pages according to keyword density, the number of links that send visitors to your site, and the quality of the content you place on your site.

Over the years, internet marketers have tried to find ways to manipulate and mechanize their content to trick search engines into giving them higher rankings, but most of them have ended up as failures.

To get better page ranking, links are quite a bit easier to help you achieve it compare with other internet marketing strategies.

There are proven ways to automate links that developed by internet marketers across the global. These linking strategies have been highly successful in drawing traffic to web sites and achieving high rankings in search results. As long as the market goes, these linking techniques have been very successful.

To help you have a better understanding of how to boost your website traffic with linking strategies, here is a basic description of the proven methods that will increase your traffic and site rankings through linking:

1. Get inbound links from sites that rank higher than yours do in the major search engines.

To achieve this, you can start by finding a very popular forum and begin making regular posts. Include your signature with every post you make. Every time a visitor to the forum views one of your posts, your link will be visible.

You can also find article directories and submit articles regularly with included a resource box at the bottom of each article you submit, giving readers permission to reprint the articles as long as they leave your resource box at the bottom. This will
give your articles and your links more exposure.

2. Find sites that are similar to yours, selling related products, and send the web master a testimonial about the products he or she is selling

Normally, the web master will not be able to turn down the chance to publish your testimonial, and as a courtesy will place your link at the bottom of the testimonial.

3. Find high traffic sites that sell any type of products

Write reviews about their products and post them to your blog or web site. Make sure the web master of the products you review receives a link to your review, and usually you will get a link in return.

4. Exchange links with other internet marketers, which means that you place their link on your site and vice versa

Try to keep this to a minimum because search engines will frown on a large number of link exchanges on any given site.

5. There are multitudes of free directories that allow you to add your link easily. Just subscribe to as many of these as you possibly can.

6. Once your page ranking begins to rise, you can consider linking to membership sites. To get your links displayed, these sites normally will ask you pay a small amount fees.

7. Place only substantive, quality content on your web site

If you put quality content on your web site and update it regularly, you will rank higher in search engines results. If your site is of high quality, other internet marketers may come to you for links instead of the other way around.

In order to carry out the best results by using linking strategies, you can find there are many free resources, tips and ebooks on the net that offers help toward to how to master the craft of having your links displayed in high traffic websites.

Just conduct some search and you will find all those valuable advices, even it may cost your bit time to find out the best pieces of information, but it is a very good investment in your own knowledge gain.
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Article by Ann Liu, internet marketer and author of "Online Profiting: A Simple Way To Start and Build Your Own Online Business". To learn how YOU too can succeed in Internet and affiliate marketing, please visit http://Marketingbyann.com
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