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Two Important Scripts for Your Article Website

Aug 17, 2007
If you are a web site developer that likes to use articles to attract and monetize your website there are two types of scripts that you should be aware of.

Scripts are small pieces of computer code that work behind the scenes usually on your web server or web page that makes your web site operate more efficiently and can in many circumstances increase your profits if done correctly. The two scripts that are extremely favorable for your website are Random Home Page Scripts and Random Cross Link Scripts. Here is some more information;

Random Home Page Script:

If you are looking for a way to add interest to your site, encourage deeper spidering of your site and ultimately improve your ranking of your web sites according to search engines, a random home page script might be for your web site. What a random home page script does is make a new home page every time someone new visits.

A new visitor whether a human being or computer search engine robot will see a new home page complete with new content (usually an article). This means that it is a great way to show the search engines that your site is updated frequently. Another plus is that returning visitors will find a new article on your home page that they might have not read.

While most visitors that visit a site often usually are accustomed to the content on the home page, this script helps you shake things up, giving your visitors a reason to stick around on your home page reading new content.

For those that are not computer programmers or technical, setting up most scripts are extremely easy and in most cases take only a few minutes of your time. For those looking to add more interest to their site and get deeper spidering, a random home page script is a great tool to use.

Random Cross Linker Script:

A linking strategy for your site is incredibly important, because once a spider lands on your home page, you want it very easy for that search engine spider to find all your pages without any difficulty.

While a small website with ten pages or less is usually easy to link together, when you get to pages that have 30, 50, or 100+ web pages, it can take hours upon hours of linking up your site proficiently. A random cross linker script can do the job for you with ease.

With a random cross linker script, the script will easily link all your articles together, no matter how many pages there are. The beauty of these scripts is that it usually only takes minutes for the entire process and you don't have to be a technical wizard or computer programmer to set it up.

However, the most important advantage to using this script is that search engine spiders will easily find all your web pages and hopefully include them into their search engine index.
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