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How to Choose an Event Management Software Solution

Aug 17, 2007
If you are in the market for good software to handle your events you need to know how to choose an event management software solution that's perfect for your needs.

Just as there is a variety of software solutions there are also a variety of needs so what you need to do is match up what you need with what the software offers until you find the best match for you. That's the best way to choose an event management software solution.

1. Flexibility - leaves you with options to change things within the software for a variety of users that each need to be able to do different tasks.

2. Affordability - make sure you do price comparisons. You'll be impressed at the pricing on some very impressive software solutions. There is no reason you can't get both affordability and quality.

3. 24 hour registration - will save you a great deal of time and let you manage payments as it processes registrations 24/7 without intervention.

4. Customizable - it's always nice if the modules have at least some ability to customize to meet your specific needs. Being able to customize means you can fine tune to your company's exact needs.

5. Unlimited reporting options - you may not realize the importance of this until you are actually using the software to its fullest abilities. You'll want to be able to create as many custom reports as you need and you'll also want an excellent selection of canned reports to use.

6. Automated confirmation is a must have to keep staffing costs down.

7. Reminder emails are a really handy service to reduce the amount of repetitive work by staff.

8. Real time credit card processing is a must have because it allows credit cards to be processed without any human interaction required. This is not only convenient it's a real money saver over time.

9. Accounts Receivable tracking to help you keep track of your accounts.

10. Name badge generator saves your company money and allows you to offer name badges to your clients for a very reasonable price.

11. Automated wait lists will help you serve your clients much better.

12. Mailing label generator will help save time and money.

These 12 points are a good place to start. Of course some of these may not be important to you and there may be other points not mentioned that are very important to you. This is a great way to start and you can fine tune as you need.

Event management software has certainly changed the way companies do business. It has reduced the amount of manual labor required substantially and it has also reduced the error rate significantly. In early days it was very common to find two venues booked for the same dates. Thankfully those days are gone thanks to automation.

Event management software has also allowed for payments to be made 24/7 without any human intervention which is very convenient for your clients.

Now that you know how to choose an event management software solution you're ready to make some choices.
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