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Reasons to Send Corporate Greeting Cards

Aug 17, 2007
Every year it becomes more difficult for the business to make a lasting impression or create name branding. One way to do that is by repetition. This is why it's one of the reasons to send corporate greeting cards.

You can send thank you cards, Christmas cards, birthday cards, or just about any other occasion you can think of. The cards have your name and logo on them which is a very cost effective way of advertising. And it's so much cheaper than the more traditional mail method.

There are several reasons to send corporate greeting cards.

1. Customer service - nil is customer service these days and one way to build customer service is by sending out a greeting card which then can have a specialized message.

2. Personal touch - just like customer service, a personal touch is long gone by the wayside. Heck it's almost impossible to find a living breathing person to talk to. By sending out a card whether it's for birthday or Christmas is very personal.

3. Corporate Branding - with so many similar companies getting customers to recognize who you are has become a little bit difficult and using greeting cards to do so is just smart business sense because corporate branding comes from repetition so over time your company will be remembered.

4. Advertising Opportunity - disguise an advertising message within the card. For example Christmas or birthday the message can offer 20% off of a purchase or any other offering that brings them into the store to spend money.

5. Promotional - this works well when you are sending a thank you out and including a discount. For example - thank you for your recent purchase as a thank you we would like to offer you 10% off your next purchase or thank you for referring customer x as an appreciation we would like to offer you 25% off your next purchase.

6. In the Spirit of the Season - Christmas is such a busy time and modern Christmas has changed somewhat we all still enjoy a traditional Christmas card with a modern electronic twist. It brings your name to the forefront and it feels like a personal message which customers like.

7. Cheap Advertising - online greeting cards is one of the cheapest forms of advertising around and it takes little time to set up. Advertising budgets seem to shrink more and more each year and this is one way you can still get great exposure.

8. Volume - you can reach the most customers in the shortest period of time. In just minutes you can target thousands of customers. And once you've got your customer database set up you can change the type of card, create a cycle for re-sending or do a host of other things to automate the process.

There are many reasons to send corporate greeting cards and these are just a few but I'm sure you get the idea of the potential such as simple gesture has for your business. Consider the potential that's waiting here for pennies on the dollar. It just makes good business sense.
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