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Boosting Your Business Through Mobile Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
Mobile phones are quite rapidly turning from an accessory into an essential these days. Everywhere you go, be it offices, colleges or even on the roads, you will see a majority of the people glued to their cell phones either talking endlessly or typing in messages. Today, almost every one owns this gadget and this is where the marketer can strike gold. You cannot get any closer to your customer than this.

Analysts and experts have predicted that the year 2007 is going to prove to be a very fruitful year for mobile marketing. They expect mobile marketers to invade the market just like the internet marketers did some time ago.

Since the user is with his cell phone almost throughout the day, mobile marketing can be quite beneficial and can have a wide reach. This type of marketing is more effective since people are bound to read each and every message they receive on their phones as compared to emails. This will thereby help the company gauge the preferences of the customers and can hence target the marketing appropriately. However on the other hand, this type of marketing can be interpreted by users as an intrusion into their private space and this can also be quite irritating to them.

There are no restrictions as such on the type or size of a company to do such marketing. But these companies must realize the fact that WAP and SMS technologies are going to be used in this marketing. Only those phones which are WAP enabled can access basic versions of such websites. Otherwise the company would waste resources in messaging other phones which are not WAP enabled.

These companies must make the customers opt for receiving messages from them in order to fulfill distance selling and privacy regulations. This can be done by asking for the phone numbers of the customers during general business dealings or buy making them participate in some simple competitions. The companies can then notify them about their latest products and offers according to their interests.

The cost of such messages varies from network to network. So you must choose a network that is not only cheap enough but also has a large subscriber base at the same time. Also your messages must request for an instant reply from the user asking him as to whether he is interested in the deal or whether he wants to back out of it. Moreover, all this has to be fit into the 160 odd characters provided to you in each SMS by the network. So the messages should be such that they are enticing enough but at the same time must use up the character space efficiently.
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