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What Is A Real Estate VA? And What Do They Do?

Aug 17, 2007
The real estate VA is a vocation that has been produced by the large and powerful real estate industry. This vocation is growing into quite a powerful industry of its own and is becoming more familiar to other industry professionals.
If you are not yet all that familiar with the a real estate virtual assistant you may have several questions about what they are and what kind of work do they do.

A VA is a professional, independent service provider. Because they are independent service providers, they are considered contract workers and not salaried employees of the agents who choose to contract services from them. The employee regulations that must be adhered to with salaried employees can be quite cost inhibitive, and are absent with an independently contracted employee.

The work most commonly performed is the same as a salaried office assistant most commonly performs. From telemarketing, customer relations, record management, promotions, lead gathering, website development and SEO, banking, data and more specialized services as customer database management and online transaction coordination.

A virtual assistant is a wise and affordable choice for agents beyond the considerable savings of not having the cost responsibilities of a salaried employee. Most of them opt to become certified in the areas of real estate work that they do. This translates into less training that an agent would have to provide to the newly contracted independent worker. This also means that the work outsourced is completed expertly in a more timely manner, and we all know that time is money in business. If you are not happy with the services you can terminate the contract without the usual hassles you would have with your employees.

They are responsible for providing themselves with the materials they need in order to perform their work, regardless of what or how expensive those materials are. There is no expectation that the agent supply these materials. It is also the responsibility of the virtual assistant to carry the certification needed to work with real estate activity such as OTC so that the agent is not in violation of any state or industry regulations.

Virtual assistants handle the work you need them to within the time frames you set forth. This ensures that your deadlines will be met so as not to interfere with the successful conducting of your business. Additionally, they are not on the clock when not performing a particular work task for you so overtime and the expense of that is not present.

Managing your time for generating leads, sales, and saving on costs have a powerful impact on your level of success as a realtor. A virtual assistant is an integral component to accomplishing this. They assist you with the work that you do not have time for. This lets you get down to the business of following up with leads before they go cold so that you can make even more sales. Your mind will also be free to concentrate on connecting with your contacts instead of worrying about how the work piling up on your desk is going to get done.

More and more agents are coming to rely upon the independently contracted real estate VA for superb, expert, cost effective assistance.
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