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Hiding Your Wholesale Business Identity- Answered

Aug 17, 2007
If you are into the wholesale business and sell perhaps, wholesale xbox on the Internet with your own e-commerce store and which to expand into other niches- what do you do? What can you do right now to hide your real name niche identity, so your business name does not interfere with your other projects?

It is part of the everyday routine for many. We start a project, we enthusiastically develop the plan and execute half of the plan to later find out there are probably more idealistic and faster ways to make money online. Many of us get caught up in the opportunity thanks to the conglomeration of books that have been published with the multiple streams of income concept.

While the saying should always prevail: Do Not Keep Your Eggs In Just One Basket- multiple streams of income should not be one to pursue as the already experiences alone without counting the mentorship from my go to guy.

The primary reason for multiple streams of income not being part of your business plan, should be evident-distraction! You should only focus on one thing, not two, three and four things at the same time. You should perform best in one, instead of four if following in the same month, the same week or perhaps the same day- but if your income has breach top momentum, there is where you should find another profitable alternative while still keeping your primary source of income intact.

No matter if it is a wholesale business, or you have become a great brand as a wholesale distributor- you should always use pen names or an initial DBA for added safety. While it will always vary according to your country or state laws, always check with a certified advisor for what is needed for your situation.

Having pen names as a form of developing new businesses might be suitable for you. For say, if you are in the wholesale business, do you think it would be appropriate to go into the porn business with the same company name or perhaps the same owner name? Of course not!

It would be virtual suicide if you ask many of us. The reason thousands of small business owners create: Doing Business As names as the regularly known DBA for their new projects or, the usual instant pen names when a new testing business appears on the net has a simple why for using them- image.

If you are one of those marketers who already has developed momentum and is now in the maturity stages of their business and wants to expand to other niches- use pen names or a new DBA. Whether it would be becoming a new wholesale distributor in another niche or making another wholesale business that does not have anything to do with the first one- protect your image today and tomorrow.
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Finding a Wholesale Business online is one of the business components Joaquin serves as reference source, e-commerce coach and certified author. His focus today is assisting people receive extra income through the acquirement of Wholesale Xbox for re-selling purposes
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