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Weird Thinking Equals Skyrocketing Wholesale Results?

Aug 17, 2007
What is the thinking that kills your aspirations? What are thought that heart, strangle and constantly delay your true dreams? What is the wrong and initial thinking that should initially and finally put to rest for a lifetime if you believe in it and suck right into it?

Whether having a wholesale business, being a wholesale drop-shipper or being the stay-at-home mom or dad, the following is a full young life experience, to either finally modify or tweak or to completely change for a truthful meaningful life enriched with glory. You should follow the next tips and modify and change if so, accordingly for life excellence- not considering modification or changing your thinking for the good and for the love of yours is my blunt wish of you starting an ant farm instead of a meaningful business!

With that said, let us start addressing the fact that these action steps apply to everyone. It does not matter if you are 17, 24, 35, 39, 43, 60 or so on- this tips should be considered and applied accordingly to your mind and taken action for what is left of your career.

Have you ever heard of the traditional saying: Dreaming Does Not Cost You Anything? Well the fact of the matter is that if you or someone follows and keeps this thinking permanently, the person and its potential family generation will have a self-limiting belief that will have them stuck for a lifetime. Instead of saying - dreaming does not cost you anything, why not instead say and ask yourself: How can I accomplish that wish, that realistic dream?

How can I own that? What do I need to do right now and from now on to afford it? Whether one of your intents is a true giant wholesale business Amazon style or become the top specialized wholesale distributor online in your sub-niche division- which actions should I take for getting closer to my long-term goal and having my short-term commitment finally achieved?

In your scenario, what and how- are always the most important initial questions you should ask yourself when truly wanting some eloquent change in your life. Many of us that have started from the bottom or are in mid-levels to achieve financial freedom know the realities, you should too!

Fact is that a great influence in your life has been more than likely, engraved since early childhood. You probably heard when your dad, mom, grandma and even uncle used to say- that is too costly I cannot afford that, put that down. The more than likely, oh that is so pretty but that is so way out of my league- I cannot buy that so let me skip this glorified Mercedes and buy instead the regular Mitsubishi Mirage that practically is the same in size!

Many of our friends and people we hang out with have this thinking- it is your job to decide to follow upon or finally have your own judgment. What is it that you want? When do you realistically want it? Which things do I need to achieve it? Who do I need to ask to get this started and accomplished?

Then of course, most importantly- be realistic. Instead of having a goal of making a wholesale business e-commerce stores or plainly a business that makes $10,000 in sales a month- know that it will be unrealistic if you have never made $100 a month in sales online. Like a favorite saying: If you want to fish, get yourself wet! However, do not submerge yourself in water from top to bottom in thoughts and in goals if you have never initially crawled into sand!
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