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Co-Registration - A Source of Leads For Network Marketers?

Aug 17, 2007
Many network marketers feel bombarded by the tasks necessary to make money and build a business. They must focus on building a contact list, contacting the people on the list, creating effective marketing material, placing ads, and getting their website seen.

Co-registration is an excellent way for network marketers to ease the load of building their business while quickly building a profitable marketing list.

What is Co-registration?

Although everyone has seen co-registration in action, many people do not know what the word means. Co-registration is a method of generating opt-in leads by placing information about your offer on someone else's website. Visitors to the site view your offer and indicate whether they are interested. You then receive the number of leads that you are willing, or able, to afford.

Co-registration is not the same as placing an advertisement. Think about the last time you responded to an offer or confirmed your subscription to a newsletter. You probably got a screen or a pop-up box with several other offers, each with a check box for you to indicate your interest in that offer. That was co-registration in action.

Benefits of Co-registration

Co-registration offers several benefits to network marketers. Among those benefits are:

* Affordability. You place an order for co-registration leads based on what you can afford. You decide, in advance, how much you are able to pay, and you receive the leads for which you have paid.

* Opt-in leads. The people who respond to your offer are people who have requested more information. They are people who are interested in what you are marketing, whether it is a product or a business. Co-registration can quickly build your list of opt-in leads, sometimes by the thousands overnight.

* Ease of use. With co-registration, you no longer worry about pay-per-clicks, optimization, or keeping your banner ads fresh. You are actively building your list without the need to constantly drive visitors to your information request form.

* CANSPAM compliance. The leads you receive through co-registration are people who have requested more information. It is not SPAM to send them requested information.

* Targeting. You can target your list by choosing co-registration leads related to your offer. For example, if you are selling chocolate, leads from a fitness site may not work for you, but leads from chocolate, candy and confectionary sites will.

Hazards of Co-registration

As with any other method of building your network marketing business, co-registration does have a few pitfalls that you will need to avoid.

* Too many offers. If the site that presents your offers is also presenting a long list of offers from other people, it decreases the chances of you being noticed. This also decreases the number of leads you are able to receive. Look for sites with small- to medium-sized lists.

* Price. Co-registration leads are priced per lead. This can run from a few cents to a few dollars per lead. The cheapest leads may not be the best for your business, but the most expensive may be way out of your budget range. Try to find co-registration sites that are within your budget while also offering quality leads.

* Quality. With every good thing, someone decides to ruin it in order to make money faster. With co-registration, there are those who provide outdated, low-quality leads. Typically, these leads are not people who have requested information, but are old names from a cheap list. Not only will they be a waste of your time, you may face issues with SPAM complaints. Shop around, and look for guarantees and customer feedback. Scammers will show up quickly on forums and websites for network marketers.

* SPAM complaints. While the leads are people who have asked for more information about your offer, they may not remember making the request. You may have a higher rate of SPAM complaints with co-registration leads. Use a separate autoresponder for these leads, and be sure you give them a way to opt out of receiving more messages.

Co-registration can build your list to thousands of names overnight, but you must know what to do with them. The trick to using co-registration in network marketing is to have a high-conversion offer ready for the leads.

Whether you are using a newsletter to lead into your offer or you go straight into your offer on the first email, you need to be ready. If you are, then you are on your way to using co-registration leads to build your successful network marketing business.
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