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4 Astoundingly Simple Tactics That Can Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

Aug 17, 2007
Website conversion, which is transforming your visitors into customers can be one of the hardest things to achieve in your website. I know of a lot of people who ask me,

"Is there something wrong with the sales letter or advertisement?"

"Is the design of the website affecting my sales?"

However, from what i have learnt from certain Marketing Sherpa case studies, it is just the little additions and tweaking here and there into your website that can actually increase website conversions as much as 30%.

Here are some of the tactics accomplished websites use to increase conversions:

1.Product Image

It has been proven that images play a part in making the customer judge if the product is in good condition or not. The larger the image, the better. Provide a thumbnail of our product next to your product description or advertisement. What you can do is to make sure that when your customers click on your thumbnail, they will have access to look at a larger image of the product.

If your product is a digital product, like a e-book, you can create visual graphics or an e-cover for it. A visual graphic for an e-book or any other digital product for that matter has been known to increase website conversion rates as much as 300%!

2.Bestseller Lists

Bestsellers were known to get a lot of clicks, buy-ins and website conversion from customers. What you can do in your website is to create a column, especially on the right-hand side of the website to show customers the product or products that are selling like hotcakes.

Customers are reassured when bestsellers are shown because it tells them that a lot of people have bought the product and it gives them the impression that the product is good and value for money.

3.A-Z Listing

When you give a category of products listed under alphabetical order, they can find the product that they are looking for much more easily. Also it gives customers more variety to choose from. Let's say there are ten products listed under the letter 'L'. When they click on 'L' they can choose from other products as well besides finding the product they are looking for.

4.Product Reviews And Testimonials

For each product, you can have a list of product reviews and testimonials from other consumers who have bought the product so that your customer can decide on their purchase decision better. It is encouraged to have both negative and positive product reviews, because if you only have positive reviews for the product, customers can get skeptic when they feel that you, as a webmaster are not being truthful to them.

People normally think too much about how to increase their website conversion rates. But judging from these four simple tactics, it is really not that hard to implement them and see your website accumulate more sales.
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