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Home Business Pros and Cons (1 of A 10 Part Series)

Aug 17, 2007
The advantages of having a home business far outweigh the disadvantages unless you are not the personality to thrive in a work at home situation.

The advantages of a home business, as opposed to going into the nine to five office environment, include stress reduction, a taking charge of your own future attitude that is bound to boost your morale, and a vast increase in the motivation of doing your own thing. While there can be added interruptions not often found in the office environment such as noisy and invasive neighbors, the reverse is generally more prevalent. Building your own home business, whether you are doing so on the Internet, on the phone, as a mobile home service or other ways, eliminates the distractions of the water cooler effect. You will not have any office meetings to interrupt your work, no office workers stopping by to chat, and so forth. Your ability to work your hours and in your own quiet and closed off environment will generally make your home business a more productive one, and which will probably lead to accomplishing the same tasks in fewer hours.

Your online home business will save you money. You will no longer have to commute to and from the office each day, nor will you have to dress each day in office-appropriate attire. You will not have to pay for daily parking and lunch at the corner deli. You might save on child care, though your conducting your business from your home should not mean that you do double duty at the same time as the caregiver. Your auto insurance will generally be reduced when you tell your insurance carrier that your work commute is zero miles.

If you have any disabilities your Internet home business could resolve unemployment or underemployment issues. If you are agoraphobic or unable to drive, of if you are hearing impaired that online home business can still thrive, and you can still grow that business with no obstacles at all.

The biggest impediment to your home business could be your own personality. You must know that you are self-motivated, self-disciplined, organized enough to keep your own files, your own records, and a sensible schedule. You have to know you are able to stay away from the refrigerator a reasonable amount of the day, keep working when the TV invites you just a few feet away, and can gently but firmly let your friends and neighbors know that even though you are a few doors away you cannot be disturbed.

The equipment and supplies, as well as the ergonomics of your home business office are all your responsibility and you must take them seriously. Do not scrimp on comfort and safety because you do not have the money to spend as you start your home business. You can scour the second hand stores or Goodwill for suitable furniture if money is an issue, but you must have a chair that will keep you comfortable for 8-10 hours a day, a computer monitor that is adequately sized and arranged for your good eye and wrist health, cords that are tucked away so you do not trip on them, and great lighting.

If you cannot manage these things then you are not ready to start your home business. You would be setting yourself up for failure.
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GR is a retired Airline Captain who has been in internet marketing for many years. Now, he is retired in the US Virgin Islands where he writes and does more marketing from home. A good start for a home internet business is his site at http://www.TrafficForLifeOnline.com
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