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Aug 17, 2007
There are many web sites on the Internet these days; there are so many different categories that you could easily become dizzy. Everything from food to cars get sold online. There are however many web sites that have nothing to do with the product sales end of marketing.

Many sites are solely information based web sites. With these kinds of sites it is the information that is being peddled, and there is a plethora of these sites for every conceivable piece of information imaginable.

So, if these sites do not sell products, yet information what is it that they truly are offering their viewers? This of course is completely dependent on the site itself.

Whatever it is that the site is offering, either way you can be sure that there will be plenty of content involved in the site. Content can easily be a wonderful thing, considering the fact that it can be had for free.

There are virtually thousands upon thousands of free articles that one can download and place on their site, with so many things available to web site owners; it is a wonder they can even make up their mind on what to put on the site.

Let's say for example, you own a site that is related to infertility. You have the usual information such as medications and fertility treatments, but what of the related material that people would look for such as testimonials or experiences?

This content that we speak of can be obtained from many places, you could write it yourself. This would be best if you have some writing skills, and some knowledge of the subject that you are placing on the site. You could always go to a place like Elance where there are many freelance writers and web designers for hire, a hired gun so to speak.

There are places like Freelancewriter where you can find multiple writers online. This is a great source for content; the problem with this is it could come costly especially if you need lots of material.

Another great place for source material is an article directory. There are countless free article that you can use for your site. This is a good place to check because if you take at one point, you can give back at another time.

This will help you with your site, and keep a community that you will be a member of alive.

Whatever you decide to do, the object for this type of site will be helpful for you to establish a great site and help people find information that they need.

Information sites have a very special need on the web, it is not just a product based Internet anymore.
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