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Account Receivable Credit Line Provides Instant Capital for Your Business

Aug 17, 2007
Working capital tends to be in short supply for new or growing businesses, and that is why many entrepreneurs and business managers devote lots of time and stress into coming up with capital for their business. The good news is that locating capital for a business isn't as difficult as one may think. Using account receivables or invoices a business can obtain instant capital by selling them off to a "factor" for a small discount. This process is known as an account receivable credit line because most of the time the "factor" will give the business a type of "credit line".

Account receivable credit line financing works great because most of the time startup and growth companies, in particular, simply can't afford to wait for customers to pay on invoices, or they get in a bind if the customer pays late. It is much easier to get approved for this sort of financing than for a standard business loan from a bank. The flexibility of account receivable credit line financing is attractive to businesses in need of capital.

Your business could choose to factor only a few invoices or all invoices. You are by no means required to factor all account receivables. Since you are actually selling the invoice to the factor you have the freedom to choose which company to sell the account receivables to, and you of course control when you sell them. You would sell the account receivables for a discount to the factor.

The company you sell your invoices to would then be in charge of collecting payments from your clients, processing the payments, and also generating reports. This is another positive for businesses that decide to factor invoices. Your client would be notified of the billing address change.

There are some requirements laid out by the factors who offer an account receivable credit line. Since they are taking on a risk for your clients they will want to make sure that your client is creditworthy. Your businesses credit won't need to be established to qualify, but your client will need good credit and references as to their payment history. Many new businesses don't have business credit scores established, so an account receivable credit line allows younger businesses to get capital without long application processes.

This is also the only form of capital that grows as your business grows. As your sales grow, so does the amount that you can factor, or the amount of capital your business has access to for faster growth. Your business could take advantage of supplier specials or other special deals to save money, or the money could be used to pay your bills early to receive an early payment discount with some suppliers. The list of benefits goes on and on.

It is important to know your business capital options.
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