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Top 10 Reasons Why Starting Up a Business to Sell Cookbooks Online Is a Good Thing!

Aug 17, 2007
If you're looking for a good work-at-home Internet business that's honest and will make you money, think about selling old, used, vintage, or modern cookbooks. Besides making good money fast, it's a lot of fun too.

Now to the top ten (and more) best reasons why starting a small home-based business selling cookbooks online is a Martha Stewart recipe for a good thing:

You can work from home, part-time, full-time or any time of day, weekends, or whenever you have some free or spare time.

You can set up this new business opportunity fast.

You can sell cookbooks from your existing collection (soon to be called inventory), or from your family or friend's private cookbook collections.

It's easy to amass inventory. Cookbooks can be found at garage, yard and estate sales, thrift shops, flea markets, or online, etc.

And it's cheap to amass inventory -- very little investment is needed. You can buy up boxes of cookbooks from garage sales and many cookbooks can be picked up free, at the end of the day's sale, or for as little as five for $1. Cookbooks can also be purchased in 'lots' from eBay.

You'll quickly become knowledgeable about selling cookbooks on eBay and other auction and non-auction sites -- you'll get lots of ideas -- useful for selling other items too.

You'll know which Betty Crocker Cookbooks and Better Homes and Gardens Cook Books are the best, in high-demand, collectible and truly valuable. You'll learn the true value of the popular 1973 Betty Crocker Cookbook pie edition and even church cookbooks.

You'll have very little, if any, competition. Few people know how to value cookbooks. Often cookbooks that people think are valuable are not.

You'll be considered an expert by others and can capitalize on your new knowledge in a number of ways, including appraising cookbooks and collections of cookbooks and teaching classes at home.

You can easily add this on as a 'sideline' business to an existing full-time or part-time business.

You can branch out from this business and start a dozen or more other related businesses.

You may be able to even enlist the help of your family members.

You'll easily know which are the best cookbooks and recipes to add to your private collection.

You'll be able to easily learn to price cookbooks using the right, not the wrong, resources.

You'll surprise yourself when you go to garage sales and find you're able to pick out the winners almost immediately.

You'll be the holder of a unique business and amaze your friends with your new knowledge and expertise. They'll eagerly want you to value the cookbooks in their collections. Built-in customers.

'Getting the word out' (promotion and marketing) for a cookbook-selling business is cheap and easy through both online and offline methods.

And last but not least -- it's just plain fun! If you want to add on to or start a good and fun work-at-home business and love cook books, this is a great mix.

And if you do love cookbooks as I do, you'll love buying and selling them even more when you find out valuable, high-demand cookbooks are readily available, and just how profitable they really are.

So think about starting up a new, honest, work-from-home Internet business that'll make you money selling cookbooks online. When you mull over all the above best reasons to sell cookbooks you'll know it's a good thing. And Martha surely knows it's a good thing.
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Helen Hecker heads Twin Peaks Press a 25-years-old PR, marketing, publishing co., publishes: "Helen's Hecker's Biz Hotline" for small/home biz, books, selling cookbooks online ebook, gift basket business DVDs. Websites: http://www.sellcookbooks.com
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