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The Ethical Article Marketing Guide

Aug 17, 2007
While article marketing provides you a simple and effective way to market your business, the entire process involves an intricate web of individuals. As everyone does their job and holds up their end of the bargain, the article marketing process continues to function effectively. For article marketing to be remain effective, it is important to understand the partnerships that are involved.

Three Main Components

The three main groups that make article marketing possible are the authors, the sites that are looking to publish, and the article directories. Each relies on the other to uphold certain standards in order to maintain the credibility of the article marketing business. The process can only function with each member of the team putting in their best effort.

Article Directories

Let's start from the base and work our way up. Article directories are services that aggregate articles and make them available for publication. These directories require fresh and informative content from authors. This content is what keeps publishers coming to them, and thus what keeps the relevant and necessary. As long as the directories continue to offer good articles, website publishers will continue to utilize them.


Publishers are the next rung on the article marketing ladder. They need clean, well-formatted content that speaks to their target market. This means that they expect the article directories to offer a wide array of articles on every topic under the sun. This way they can pick and choose which articles are most relevant to their site. Along with that, they also rely on the directories to constantly replenish article supplies.

If the articles on a particular subject dry up, the directories are of no use to the websites that seek to constantly provide new information to their visitors. It is new and interesting content that attracts new site visitors and keeps the old ones coming back.


At the top are the authors. Business owners want to build exposure for their websites through their published article. They rely on the article directories to post their articles as written, with the resource box intact.

The author holds a responsibility to the article directories to provide original (not plagiarized or PLR content) and informative content. Their articles need to be informative, relevant, and avoid any semblance of a sales pitch. The better the articles, the more valuable the article directories become and the better they look to the publishers who use them.

A Successful Alliance

Successful article marketing is a partnership between authors, publishers, and article directories. When authors create good content, article directories are able to continue functioning. And as article directories thrive, so do publishers who are able to replenish their site offering on a regular basis.

The ethical standards set forth by the article marketing process are what make the industry so successful. As the authors, publishers, and directories all work hard to provide their best work, the article marketing business continues to thrive. It is this important alliance between the three that makes each of the individual components both necessary and successful. Maintaining the integrity of this process is a necessary aspect that will aid everyone involved.
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