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Introducing the Next Generation Of World Wide Web: Web 2.0

Aug 17, 2007
The World Wide Web technology is becoming more and more advanced by the day. Web 2.0 is famously known as the next generation of Internet services. These Internet services will be the future foundation of the success of businesses worldwide.

Web 2.0 is much more advanced than the normal Web 1.0 because of its services. These services are accountable for the social communication, interaction and socialization between people that is happening all over the world.

Why not I introduce to you and elaborate on some of these services so that you'll understand more about them. Here we go:

1.Social Networking

I'm sure you've heard of social networking sites such as MySpace and Friendster. These social networking sites are better than the normal chatrooms. At these social networking sites, you create a profile and you look at another person's profile to see whether or not you'd like to interact with that person. In other words a profile is like a first impression. This is much more beneficial than chatrooms, because in chatrooms you have to tediously find out the background of the person first before you can properly interact with the person.

The services on MySpace and Friendster are beneficial for you if you are out to make friends, sell your services, promote your site or advertising your products. Believe it or not, MySpace has over 130 million accounts listed in its website and has twice the traffic of Google!

The social networking site such as MySpace can help you in your business by giving your product more exposure and generate free traffic into your website.


Podcasting is defined as an audio content, commonly an MP3 delivered via an RSS feed presenting a downloadable streaming file. Most podcasts are downloadable and played through the Apple iPod player. These podcasts can be used for listeners to listen in to what you can offer in your business or simply listen to you giving lessons or advice to further promote your product.


Weblogs, more affectionately known as blogs, are considered the next generation of websites. Blogs of Web 2.0 have the power to generate loads of traffic to their websites by creating keyword tags that relate to the products on the blog. For example if the blog based on computers, a keyword tag for the blog could be 'information technology' or 'laptop'. These keyword tags can get picked up social bookmarking sites such as Technorati and IceRocket. These social bookmarking sites are basically sites that 'bookmark' the tags you provide to your blog.

So, if a person were to search for a blog that specifically features a lot on 'laptops', all they have to do is to search for it on Technorati or IceRocket to find your blog. There are over 55 million blogs that are listed on Technorati alone.

Besides these three services of Web 2.0, there are other services such as Wiki's, RSS, Tag and Ping and Social Bookmarking. Find out more about these services and be awed by what Web 2.0 can do for you and your business.
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