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Resale Rights - How To Outsell Other Resellers

Aug 17, 2007
Selling ebooks with resell rights can be an extremely profitable venture. With resell rights ebooks and marketing tools you can began making money online right away. You don't have to create your own product. This will save you tons of time and money on research and development. That's why marketing these products is so appealing.

However, there are many out there who avoid selling resale rights ebooks and internet marketing tools simply because they believe that they can't compete with the many other marketers selling the very same product online. Others believe that the market for these products is saturated because there are so many others marketing these products.

So, how do you compete with other marketers selling the very same product for at the same price to the same market you have chosen? The answer to this question is actually pretty simple.

What you first need to understand is that better than 90% of all people who have resale rights licenses to the same products as you, will either market the products incorrectly, or won't market them at all. What this means to you is that only about 10% of those who have those same products are in competition with you. Truth be told, it doesn't really matter how much competition there is in the market or even how many people are selling the same thing. What really matters is how each product is marketed.

What you need to do first, is to is set yourself apart from other marketers selling the same resale rights products. Don't worry about what these other marketers are doing. Be different and make you style your own. You can start by making your product appear different. The license you have may allow you to do a number different things. For instance, you can change the sales letter or create a new book cover or box cover. Try to make the product look and feel completely different.

After you have made all the changes you are allowed to make, take a little time to research what other marketers may be doing. For instance, if you are planning to market with Google AdWords or Yahoo, find out what keywords your competitors are bidding on. Also, find out what they are paying for those keywords. You can either pay more for a particular keyword, or you can bid on different but more targeted set of keywords.

Here's an example. Say you are selling a resale rights product on "cheesecake recipes." Don't use "cheesecake recipes" as your keyword. Instead, try using "easy cheesecake recipes," or "cheesecake recipes online." Try to narrow your market by being more precise. You can be sure that most of your competition won't be choosing their keywords with such care.

You should also try other methods for marketing your resale rights products. Develop an email list and then market to it. Purchase the right to market to other peoples e-zines and opt-in lists. Write your own articles and submit them to the article directories. You can even try holding tele-seminars. The most important thing you can do is to establish yourself as an expert in the niche market area that is related to your resale rights product. All of these things will help to set you apart from others who are marketing the very same products. Now you are ready to go out and start building your very own solid resell rights ebook business.
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Craig Cawthorne is a provider of the latest ebooks and marketing tools on the internet today. Visit his site to find master resale rights products and resale rights articles on how you can turn your resale rights products into substantial online income. Also visit his how to make money with google adsense site.
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