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How To Set Up Your Dream Home Office

Aug 17, 2007
Works from home build direct selling profession and to have freedom of your career are lots of people's dream.

But it also has many challenges. Like your kids left their crayons on your desk, the sink is full of dishes and the laundry is piled up in the corner waiting for you to wash.

In order to success of working from home career, a well designed home office will help you transition from the role of domestic goddess to high power entrepreneurial executive.

A well design and organized home office workspace can help you turn into queen of your home business empire. Once that happened, your mind will shifts from the laundry list of household chores to strategies for earning that big check next month and enjoying a hard earned Hawaiian vacation.

But how can you plan the perfect workspace that keeps you organized, inspires you, and boosts your productivity? Following are some of advices for you to follow when designing your home office.

First of all, you need to plan a space that can meet your needs.

Space - You have the freedom to create your own dream office of your work from home career. So use the power of your imagination to imagine the space - Where is it and what items do you need to have in it? There are some questions you also have to ask yourself when you plan a space, such as;

- What equipment you'll need?
- What things you'll have to store?
- How much privacy you'll need?
- Do you need a meeting space?
- Do you need to stay close so you can keep an eye on your kids?
- Will you have customers or other consultants stopping by?

Location - After you know your needs, then you can start to choose a space in your home that can best support your needs. The space can be a spare bedroom, a corner of the living room, a large closet, or a converted garage. You need to find a room that has enough space for the equipment and furniture that you need for your home office.

Storage - Unless you sell physical goods otherwise you don't really need to have storage to store or keep inventory. If you have goods in hand, then having an organized space to store product is critical. So make sure the space you choose has ample room for shelving and storage the product.

You should make an item list if you have goods in hand, which you handle on a day-to-day basis in your business. This will help you have a clear picture on the hardware that you need. For example, you may need a bookshelf or wall holders for catalogs and brochures? As a result, you'll have a clutter free, tidy and organized work space.

Furniture - Because home based business careers is booming nowadays, so there is a variety of office furniture for you to choose from. To outfit your work space with a desk, bookcase, and filing cabinets are not that difficult. You can easily find a simple desk, an office armoire, or a complete L-shaped unit in the market.

To save your back, consider investing bit more money and getting yourself a comfortable and ergonomically supportive chair. At the same time, you also have to make sure you will have the desktop space that you need to keep key items at your fingertips.

Equipment - Buying an all-in-one printer/scanner/fax/copy machine is a smart choice, which will save your money and desktop space! And don't forget plan a spot for your computer and phone as well.

Secondly, put all the stuff together in a way that makes sense.

Placement - Place key equipment in a way that flows with the way you work, decide what and which one goes where.

Ergonomics - Believe it or not? You can function at peak performance without tiring as quickly or getting injured from incorrect positioning, so place your keyboard, lighting and monitor at proper heights and be good to your body.

Organization - One of the great organizing ways to organize your home office is to separate the tasks and centralize items by put it into different "centers".

For instance, you might want to put all your brochures, order forms, and catalogs together in one place to centralize the tasks. And put all the mail into mailing center, fax to a faxing center, and the printed material put into a printing center. To keep and organized it, you can use boxes and bins; they are great for keeping smaller office supplies.

Thirdly, create an inspiring atmosphere you'll love.

Personalize - It is your own home office, so make your own space that really your taste and truly inspires you. You can choose a paint color that brings you joy; pamper yourself with treasured photos, candles, and artwork on the wall; record some your favorite music into MP3 and listen them during the work hour. Add a touch of romance and a dash of color with a potted plant or vase with flowers on your desk.

Don't ignore those little things; they can make your home office a lot of difference.

Finally, having a dream map, visual reminders of your goals and inspirational quotes can be powerful tools to keep you motivated and on the track to success.

Lean and tidy - Starting a day with a clean desk is an essential. Get into a routine of either use 5 minutes in the morning to tidy the desk first or clean it at the end of the day. Put everything in its place is the easiest way to stay organized and work efficiency.

Lighting - Proper lighting keeps you from straining your eyes as well as enough overhead lighting. There are a lot of wonderful selections of stylish and functional lamps in the market for you to choose from. So don't skimp it.

After you finish reading this above, you should start to take action and work on your own dream home office project.

You can start to walk around at your home and visualize your office to find out what space makes you feel good and inspiring, where you can see yourself love it with spending a lot of time there. Once you find it, then choose the perfect space and clear it out.

Read catalogs and magazines to get some detail information on the stuff you are going to buy; clip pictures of furniture and decor to get those items you'd like to include in your dream office. It will be easier to spot those items as you come across them with details.

Don't forget scan the newspapers, store fliers and search online office store coupons that have sales and special offers. Go out shop around and look for smart buys.
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