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7 Signs Of Reliable Web Hosting

Aug 17, 2007
Either you want to set up a new web site or you have a website that is doing quite well on the Internet and so far there have been no issues, and you are happy with the way things are going. But have you ever stopped to consider how reliable your existing or potential web host is? Here are a few key questions you can ask to figure out if your web host is reliable or not:

How secure is the server on which your web site is hosted? Does it feature powerful firewalls - not the free versions that are available on the Internet - and strong anti-virus software? Or, is the server chock-a-block with worms and Trojans and hackers are regularly fingering into the server ports? Of course, you cannot figure this out on your own if you aren't a technical person, and the best way to find this out would be to read reviews about your web host and speak to his other clients.

How powerful is the server hardware? If your website is hosted on a server backed by obsolete hardware, which is networked with an antiquated broadband connection, then you've had it. Remember, the computer today is converging with TV and video and the hardware has to be powerful enough not just to support huge multimedia files, but also to ensure that these multimedia files are easily downloaded by the website visitors.

What is the server uptime? Does your web host's server work on crutches or does it hum along perfectly? If you are getting a server downtime of 5% and over because your web host keeps rebooting his beautiful system, then it's time to get a new web host.

What's the customer support like? Does your web host feature 24/7 customer support staff or is your host a reseller? If he's a reseller, he will not be as dedicated as you would like him to be; or, even if he isn't a reseller and doesn't have 24/7 customer support, then he is not reliable.

Does your web host take backups? All reliable web hosts always back up the data on their server just in case anything goes wrong. And this is a very important feature, which users do not bother to enquire when they rent the space.

Does your server have SSL? If you're planning to set up a shop then no customer will ever swipe his credit card on your site unless your website has a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Ensure that your web host provides you with this feature before you sign up with him.

Is the host server easy to use? Once you upload your website, you will need to change it frequently and for that to happen you need to have access to a control panel that's easy to use. Plus, you will also want to plug in automated scripts such as blogs, chat rooms, content management system, etc. on your website. Make sure your web host's control panel is easy to use and that you are given many automated scripts to use.

These are the basic questions every reliable web host should be able to answer favorably. Also, do not stop after asking these questions - get your technical guy to ask about telnet access, error pages and all that jazzed out jargon, which technical guys yak all the time. Once you're sure your web host is the cat's whiskers - go ahead and hire space from him.
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