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Curse of Spyware on the Computer's Registry

Aug 17, 2007
Monitoring all your activities as the user of a computer system and the Internet is possible nowadays. It is exactly what the spyware does. The spyware has many other roles to play as well and they are even more dangerous. You might never come to know that quite for some time the spyware was watching you and then peeping in and finally it has been successful to get installed in your computer system. Earnestly clever - you may call it.

Why does the spyware affect the registry?

When the spyware makes its way inside the computer from another computer it needs a particular medium to enact. Think it in terms of getting admission to an institute. Now if you start visiting the institute regularly, does it in any way state that you are a part of it? Don't scratch your head because technically your visits don't suffice that you are a student of that institute.

There are some administrative rules that have to be followed for the admission process. Only then you are enrolled to be the student over there. Thus your activities after getting the admission are taken into consideration and not before that.

Precisely this is how the spyware makes its position strong inside the system and it cannot exercise its activities without being the part of the registry. The need to do so must be clear to you.

Stepwise malfunctioning

Without getting so-called registered, the spyware cannot elaborate itself in its functions and create nuisances in the system. As soon as it reaches to the registry level it can occupy a certain range of space and in due course of time expand itself.

Slowly it will start damaging the operation of the programs and make your computer run slow. In the meantime it will be efficient enough to take away all your necessary documents and the host of the spyware will take the full advantage of them.

In the final stage you might not be even able to operate your computer because the spyware has blocked the RAM by making space in the registry. In such a situation there only way out is to remove every thing from the hard drive and initiate a proper restoring process. But once everything is removed from the hard drive without any backup of the files, there is no way you can recover them. This is the worst thing the spyware can actually do to your computer system by introducing itself to the registry.
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