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Balancing a Work at Home Job and Home Business

Aug 17, 2007
Many work at home moms do more than one thing to earn money. It is not at all uncommon to meet moms who earn money from both a job and a home business. The challenge is balancing them with being a stay at home mom.

The first word of warning I would have for anyone feeling that both a job and business are necessary in order to earn enough money is to avoid piling on too much at once. You need to know how much time each will really take before you put them together.

In fact, I would strongly recommend that you choose to start one, figure out how much time it is taking once you are comfortable in it, before adding to your duties. Even if you really need the extra money, taking on too much is not a good idea. In fact, it can leave you earning less.

You will need to have your priorities set. When I was a medical transcriptionist, it came first and my home business came second. I knew what I would be earning for my work when it came to transcription. My websites I couldn't be certain at all. Even though they were (and still are) much more fun to work on, they had to come second so that I could earn enough money.

In many cases, a work at home job will require that you work a certain number of hours or even a set schedule. That can determine how much a priority it is as well.

Of course, a home business can require quite a bit of dedication too. Your business won't get anywhere if you just ignore it. And if you fail to keep up on your promises, your customers won't come back to you, may want refunds, and you'll end up with a troubled business.

The real challenge can come from finding enough time for your family when you are doing this kind of balancing act. Make sure you include time for your family when you think about how much you can work. Consider daycare or babysitter options if you need more time than is possible with your children at home.

The more time you want to dedicate to any kind of working at home, the more support from your family you will need as well. Make sure everyone in your home understands why you may sometimes be less available than they would like. These discussions won't always solve the tensions, but they can help.

When you hit those times where you just seem to have too much to do, you may have to think about cutting back. Taking a little time away or just working a little less can solve many problems and sometimes give you a fresh outlook. It's not always possible, but if it is make sure you know when you need to do it.

It is challenging but possible to have both a work at home job and a home business. But it's a great way to keep earning money when you don't want to work outside the home. Just be sure you can handle what you are getting into. And try to enjoy it!
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