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Free Online Dictionaries Help People Understand Each Other

Aug 17, 2007
It's a wonderful thing to be able to travel across seas to another country. The beauty and culture is typically a once in a lifetime experience. Taking along your blackberry might be something that you don't want to leave home without, unless you are bilingual and can fluently speak the language native to the country you are visiting.

Online dictionaries are available for free in order to help people understand one another. If you are dying to try the little cafe down the street from your hotel but do not know how to read or tell someone what it is you would like, you're probably going to end up with something on your plate that you never intended. Don't take chances with this once in a lifetime experience.

Educate yourself in the customs and traditions of the country that you are contemplating a visit to. Make sure that you are aware of any festivals or outdoor events that are taking place during your stay and make them a priority on your list of "things to do". These cultural events are often fascinating and inspiring, giving those who are unfamiliar with their customs a renewed appreciation for the country and their people.

If you are in the middle of a line and are not able to accurately make your request known, the online dictionaries are accessible with just a click. Enter in your native language the statement you want to make and tell the blackberry what language you need it translated into. This will give you your statement in their language.

If you're not fluent in pronunciation of the language, most places are kind enough to gently correct you and help you finish what you are trying to say. It means a great deal to these people that you, possibly an American, are making an effort to integrate yourself into their culture by attempting to learn their language. This is a credit to you in their eyes and they most likely will be very eager to help you.

If you know ahead of time, for instance that next year you are planning a trip to Italy, it would be wise to go to the library and research books that tell of its culture and heritage. Sometimes, the most useful books are those geared toward younger audiences. These can explain in great detail what you want to know in a way that is easy to understand.

Find out the type of weather can be expected during your stay. Mimicing the dress of the Italians will help you to blend in and, learning their language will eliminate the stress of trying to get from place to place. While many countries now have English incorporated into the market place with English signs hanging above or below the native language version, there are those "old country" places that, unless you know what it is you're looking for, or, have studied long enough to be able to recognize their writing (even if you can't speak the language) you'll never find anything. This can ruin a vacation.

There are also online dictionaries that will speak to you. This will help in pronouncing the words properly; placing the inflections in the proper places and keep you from saying a word that, spoken with a certain inflection, can mean three different things! In addition to these most commonly used words, you should also use your online dictionary to familiarize yourself with the proper greetings. Never use greetings that are considered to be informal as you will not know these people and they are greatly offended by those who address them improperly.

Make the online dictionary a tool that you use to create a memorable experience.
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