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Delay Gratification - Get Results

Aug 17, 2007
We live in a society driven by instant gratification.

Why wait for tomorrow when we can have it now. Buy now, pay later. Earn millions today. Get rich quick. Lose weight without eating less.

You can't watch television or surf the net without coming across massive amount of this kind of advertising.

It should signal buyer beware but instead more and more people are flocking towards these promises of get it now and get it fast.

Author Robert Kiyosaki talks about the need to foster delayed gratification when it comes to financial matters. The example he uses is when he wants to buy a new car, while he can afford the car and wants the car, he doesn't immediately go out and buy it. Instead, he buys a business that pays the monthly payments for the car. While it takes longer than simply spending, at the end of the day he has the passive income business the car.

What he is explaining is the concept of delayed gratification. He delays getting what he wants until he has a passive income business to pay for it and gets a double bonus, not only does he get the doodad that he wants, he has a business that keeps generating money long after the car has lost its luster.

So, why am I telling you this story. When it comes to building a business, we want instant results. We want success yesterday and when it doesn't happen, we can feel frustrated and even give up. Or, you jump from business opportunity to business opportunity, never headway.

A real estate investor in Canada has established a program to help investors reach their financial goals in Canadian real estate. One of the first commitment he asks for it a three year window during which investors will follow the steps for building a real estate business. In real estate like in other kinds of business, it will take you time to learn and master the system of investing.

The only time you fail is when you give up.

Look at it at this way. When you give up you are not giving up on a business you are giving up on yourself. You are letting the loser in your head tell you that you can't do it ... it's too hard ... it won't work.

Is that voice right?


You are the only one who can control your outcomes and trust me on this one, giving up is easy but it won't get you any closer to the real reason you are looking to build a passive income business.

What we should be doing is keeping our eye on the prize and taking small steps towards your goal. Consistent effort is the key to success. Review what you are doing every week and tweak it. If you are not getting results, review your activities, ask for help, and make some changes to improve the results. Over time, the consistent effort will mean you reach your goals.

When building a passive income business, it takes time to master the prospecting, advertising and marketing systems to be consistently successful.

Don't cheat yourself out of potential success by making excuses. Excuses are the tools of the losers and are counter-productive. Learn from every activity. Admit to mistakes, and learn the lessons so you can improve your results

Guess what. You keep doing this week in and week out and you will get to your goal.

Don't let instant gratification stop you. Go for delayed gratification, the prize is much more valuable.
About the Author
Jennifer Lavoie is a home-based business coach. Using Robert Kiyosaki's teaching, she helping others to build passive income businesses and retire early and free. http://www.retirefree.ws
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