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Engage Your Visitors Within 7 Minutes Or Less

Aug 17, 2007
You don't have to think so hard in knowing what to do. Internet marketers who wanted repeat visitors go too far as to redesign their websites, change their content and so on. What they do not realize that it all boils down to the simplicity of communication and interaction. All visitors or users of the site want nothing more than socializing with the site and have a good bond with it. It is all up to YOU, as an Internet marketer to fulfill that small desire of your visitors.

So how do you create simple methods of interaction and communication to keep your visitors keep coming back to you?


When you have your own blog, what you should do is to write the content of your blog as if you are having a personal conversation with your visitor. This is a situational context of 'direct communication'. Let your readers feel engaged in what you are trying to tell them. Share with them the content that they are looking for and have them build their trust in you.

Make your blog user-friendly so that they can direct themselves to posts from previous months or posts that are organized into a category. For example, if they want to look for a couple of posts on fabrics, your blog may want to group them under the category of 'materials'. Additionally, what you can do is to add a search box on your site so that your visitors can type in keywords to find the exact blog post they want to read.

You can further engage your visitors with your blog by letting them comment on your posts. To encourage comments you can pose a question to them, ask for their opinions and so on. These comments create interactivity and your visitors will feel 'cherished' knowing that their opinions are appreciated. Thus the more you post, the more you give them the chance to interact with the blog.

To encourage repeat visitors, you HAVE to promote your RSS feed. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. How RSS works, is by 'crawling' into your blog and find the latest updated content you have placed in your blog and let the people who have subscribed to your RSS feed know that you have updated your website, giving them a reason to head down to your website and read your updated content.

2.Create a Forum

When you feel that you have a lot of users who keep coming back to your site for content and socialization, what you can do is to create a forum for them. There are forums that you can create for free and these forums can be linked from your blog.

You can organize your forums into different categories to allow your users to give inputs in different subjects. For example, if your blog is about cooking, your forum can have different categories such as 'Chicken', 'Fish', 'Asian Dishes', 'Mediterranean Dishes' and so on.

Through interactivity, socialization and engagement you are actually earning trust from your visitors. Earning trust on the Internet is not what many Internet marketers can achieve. Now that you know the steps and tactics to generate trust, make full use of it and make it a part of your business strategy.
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