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How to Write and Publish Your Own E-Book

Aug 17, 2007
Writing and publishing an e-book is the latest craze online. Many webmasters are of the opinion that selling electronic information products is the ideal way to earn from the extra revenue streams from websites. One need not be a recognized writer to write and publish an e-book.

Writing the E-book

First step would be to decide on the topic of the e-book. Very often, people write e-books on a particular subject they are knowledgeable about or highly passionate about. It is always advisable to write on subjects that one is comfortable with.

When a person acquires considerable amount of knowledge in a subject, expression and writing the content is not a difficult task. One just has to be focussed on the subject, so that the message comes across well and the readers understand it.

If you are under this impression that writing an e-book is a frightening affair, you should also know that there are ways you can simplify it. One such way is to use contents of other people, with their permission. This content is readymade and can be referred to whenever one needs material to write on. There are e-books, which can be easily downloaded as and when you need them.

Ferreting Content

Authors readily share their content, since you would be promoting it for them. Most of the books are not available for free and one can earn a considerable amount just by allowing people to use them. E-books have affiliate links, for which the author gets a commission every time a reader clicks on them. These affiliate links are also used for promoting extra products and services. The other popular way of acquiring content is to use interviews. One could either interview key figures via email or in person. For instance, if you are writing about the hospitality industry, you could interview hotel owners in the fraternity and also include short excerpts from their books, if any. The conversations actually add the required spice to the e-book and create additional chapters and paragraphs that make the book more interesting to read.

Creating the Cover

After writing the material, the next thing is to create and design the e-book. You will need e-book software to create the book and its cover. The book should look like a physical product, one that is interesting and appealing enough for people to buy it.
Selling the E-book

After making the cover, the next thing is to think of how you are going to price and make available the product. There are sellers on the net, who help in selling information and services. These sellers simplify the process of selling e-books online. They monitor the credit card processes and all the payment transactions. One can even use these sellers to set up affiliate programs, so that other people can sell the book.


One major advantages of publishing is that you do it at a lower rate. All that is required is the ability, time and a considerable amount of knowledge to advertise and distribute the e-book. The fame and money you earn is directly related to the amount of effort that goes in advertising the e-book.
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