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Choosing the Right Key Phrases and Keywords for Your Website

Aug 17, 2007
Search engines display good content, HTML text and descriptions with clean and solid programming, along with well-written page titles. The right key phrases and keywords that provide a description of what your site is all about drive good content. The best way to choose the right keywords and key phrases for your website is to think how people make use of the web, to find information. Many people use search engines for finding the information they are looking for on the Internet. Conducting a search engine optimization on your website will surely get you search engine traffic.

You need to be a good mind reader and try to work out what people actually look for, in order to choose the right phrases and keywords. There are several website owners who attempt second-guessing and what they think the customer will type in a search engine and avoid looking at the actual reality of what the users type in. Webmasters are like fishermen who try to attract fish, but fail to use the right bait at times.

There are few techniques that you can use to come up with the right key phrases and keywords that need to be selected before the website is created.

. You can make a list of search words or keywords and search phrases or key phrases that you think your potential customers might use when they want to find your product, information or services.
. You can search for these key phrases and keywords to look for your competitors on the top search engines. Once you have found your competitors, you can review those websites for the keywords they are using.
. You can check the key phrases and keywords that people are using presently to view your site, if you have a site with web analytics software and a statistics package.
. Visit sites that can provide with you a scientific approach in helping you select the correct key phrases and keywords. These websites compile a database consisting of the phrases and words people commonly search for. When you enter a particular keyword, these sites tell you how often it is searched and how many competing sites make use of that keyword. You can find all the keyword combination that has some relation to your service and business, many that you might have never considered.

You can use these techniques to determine a list of key phrases and keywords to be used on your site. Once you have the list, you need to prioritize those keywords. Try and limit the use of key phrases and keywords to two or three per page. Each page should be built around some theme. If you use more than two or three keywords per page, it might dilute the impact of those keywords on any given page. You should always remember that generally, the front page of your website would receive the maximum attention by the search engines. So use the most important key phrases and keywords on the front page. The keywords must be used in an appropriate manner and each page should be read well. There should be a natural flow to the content on the page because search engines can pick up on these factors.
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