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Steps to Creating an Internet Marketing Plan

Aug 17, 2007
An Internet marketing plan is similar to a business-marketing plan. Venturing into the world of the Internet, without developing a marketing plan is the same as planning for sure failure. A marketing plan is essential not only to survive on the Internet, but also to continue to thrive and expand your business. It is necessary to begin with a vision and know what to accomplish using Internet marketing. Whether it is to form a client database or to sell services and information, it is necessary to have a goal in mind. A good financial budget will improve on the marketing resources and make the marketing more effective. The budget set should be strictly adhered to, to reap the business the expected and desired profit.

Marketing processes follow pyramid algorithms. The wide bottom of the pyramid represents the initial process. At the bottom, low-cost products or free giveaways are distributed to attract clients. As the clients move up the pyramid towards the apex, there is an increase in investments from the clients. For this algorithm to work, you should have a competent product line with a strategic plan to increase the price range. This strategy could also involve the optimization of your website for detection from search engines, publishing an ad in an ezine, or writing a promotional article to submit to on-line publications.

Analyzing competition is another important key to a successful Internet marketing campaign. Estimating the potential of your competitors and knowing your position can help you to strengthen your marketing image and goal. To improve on your competition and work on a communication strategy, your target clients must not only know your product exists, but also have a favorable impression of its benefits. The communication strategy involves everything from the logo design and advertising, to public relations and promotions. Find out what your target customers read and listen to. In addition, research to identify where to place your message and consider how frequently customers need to receive it.

The most important of all Internet marketing strategies is the Know your Customer strategy. Most websites, in an attempt to have more and more customers, waste their resources in publicizing their product. It is necessary to find a definable target market that is easily achievable and practical. Top websites create a database of consumers that customers can access as soon as they approach the website. This database is helpful in tracking the consumer and knowing his needs.

Another strategy in Internet marketing is becoming the answer or the solution. On many occasions, the customers look for a solution to a particular problem, rather than an innovative idea. It is necessary for you to realize the solution and implement it in your product.

The final technique seems to be amateur, but it is the basic idea behind any marketing strategy. An attractive domain name can make access to your website a memorable visit. It is necessary that your website should be branded in the commercial website category. Statistics have proven that browsers visit dotcom websites more often than the others.
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