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Using Reciprocal Links to Get More Traffic

Aug 17, 2007
It is very important to promote your website the right way, if you have spent a lot of time and energy in designing it. There are several effective ways to increase traffic to your website and reciprocal links are one of them. You need to make sure that your site has a large section of partnership and then partners with other websites, to establish a cross-link. There are a number of things that a search engine considers, while ranking the websites. They look at the phrases you have and the keywords and phrases on your page.

Search engines also look at how much of a resource you are or can be. The relevancy of your site is also checked. But the most important factor that the search engines look for is the number of websites that are linked to you. The more links your site has, the more traffic you will be getting. In simple terms, the Internet is nothing more than a collection of websites that are linked to each other. When webmasters say that they are not ready to exchange links with others, they lose out on cashing in on the power of Internet to increase traffic to their site.

If you are not ready to send some traffic to the websites of other people, then you can never expect traffic to your site as well. It is like being a part of a neighborhood and not helping others, but expecting others to help you out when you face a problem. Search engines are software and they can have no other means to measure the relevancy of your site, apart from looking at the external factors. Initially, search engines look at the onsite factors like your phrases and Meta Tags. They still look at it but they are focusing more and more on factors that are community centric because that is what your web community will be saying about you.

You will get a number of visitors, if you have several inbound links. Each link to the website is like a vote because in case there are two websites that are similar and competing for the same ranking and position, then the website with the most links coming in is listed high in the rankings of that search engine. Your web footprint will be larger if you have more inbound links and a large footprint on the web means greater influence. This will eventually mean that the search engines see you as a massive resource on the Internet.

People will not always readily link to your site, unless you have an outstanding website that is not only well branded, but also highly regarded. It is not at all likely that hundreds and thousands of people will link to your site without you initiating the process. What you need to do is to link to other relevant sites and then contact them to reciprocate.

The status of an inbound link is not as important as its nature. You need to be in partnership with good quality sites because there is no point in linking yourself to hundreds of sites that are not at all relevant. Search engines look for quality and not just the existence of links. The other important factor related to link optimization is that you can get people to link to your site through the use of keywords and phrases that you like to be highly ranked for.
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