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Just How User-Friendly Is Web 2.0?

Aug 17, 2007
The normal World Wide Web 1.0 is undergoing a dramatic change. It's amazing that the Internet just suprises us up with the latest technologies whenever it just feels like it. And be very prepared, because you have to keep up with the latest technology or you'll be left out of the pack.

'Semantic Web' or Web 2.0 as it is more commonly known, is a generation of new services the Internet has created over time for the convenience of Internet users.

So convenient that Web 2.0 is currently being famously known for its 'user-friendly' features and services. These services are all for making people all over the world forge closer relations through communication, interaction and socialization.

Some of these services are:


What in the world is a Wiki?

A wiki is a so-called social software available in certain websites that allow users to add, remove, edit and change the content of the website itself. If you want to use a Wiki in your website it is best to have a lot of updated informational content in it and a large amount of visitors coming in. Make your website design look friendly and welcoming in order to make people contribute to your website.

One great idea I have right now for you, in case you do not have any business plans of what you'd like to do, is to create a Wiki website for job opportunities. Employers can head on down to your website and add content to seek out opportunities to outsource their work for their businesses.

One famous example of a Wiki website is Wikipedia. This online encyclopedia allows users or more importantly, knowledgeable users to change the content of the encyclopedia to give it more practicality, truth and up-to-date research. In fact, Wikipedia is the largest Wiki website ever to have the public contribute to tons of informational articles available on its website.

2.Social Networking

Social networking is the activity of networking with friends, family, penpals and strangers all over the world. Famous social networking sites such as MySpace were so popular, they were bought over by the search engine giant Yahoo!.

In these social networking sites, you have to create a good profile of yourself to make the other party give a positive first impression of you. What you can also do is to look at another person's profile to see whether or not you'd like to interact with that person. If you'd like to interact with that person, you can send them a personal message or you can add them as a 'Friend'.

The services that MySpace provides have a lot of benefits for your business. You can use social networking to sell your services, promote your website or advertise your products. You might never know, you can also find your future joint-venture partner in there!

3.Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking works by simply 'bookmarking' blogs in social bookmarking sites such as Del.icio.us and Digg, to share them with other users who are also searching for these blogs to read their content.

To focus on social bookmarking, what you have to do is you compile your collection of your blogs, including your own to leverage on the traffic and readership to make your business and your products to gain more exposure in the Internet world.

There are other services of Web 2.0 that are more technical such as RSS, podcasts, blogs and tag and ping. Although these services do not require much of the Internet users'knowledge of learning to use, you have to learn them, because they have the power to drive unlimited traffic to your website and making your business survive in the next generation of the Internet.
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