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Why Affiliate Marketing Is Successful

Aug 17, 2007
Are you an online marketer and interested in acquiring a supplemental income in addition to your regular sale proceeds? If yes, then just read on and you will discover how you can benefit from a flourishing and steady income every month.

The secret for this additional income is Affiliate marketing. Considering that it accounts for trading worth billions of dollars every year, affiliate marketing is one of the main pillars of the Internet marketing business. As the world of the Internet is progressing and expanding, people are opting for affiliate marketing for the simple reason that it really works!

Let us check out the secret factor behind the phenomenal success of affiliate marketing. It is a magic figure of 99%. This figure is indeed magical for affiliate marketing because it represents the amount of people that visit your website, but do not buy your product or service. It has been repeatedly tried and tested that that only one percent of the total traffic that stops by your website will actually buy your product or service.

A majority of online marketers focus on creating effective sales letters and optimize their sites to impress the one percent. The ninety nine percent, who do not care for your products or services however, do care for other products and services that they need.

That is where the affiliate marketing comes in. There are many advantages of affiliate marketing, but let us first understand what exactly affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is nothing but reselling other people products and services and in the process, earning some commission. In affiliating programs, the original product owner gives the website owner the reselling rights. However, every product owner aims at identifying an affiliate, who is not a salesperson but a successful referrer.

Log on to the Internet and you will find millions of affiliating businesses thriving and flourishing by promoting other people products, along with their own products. How do you initiate an affiliate marketing business? One of the best places to start affiliate marketing is with companies like Click Bank and Pay Pal, who are the Internet premier retailers, dealing in various products. All the products are digitally delivered with the help of affiliates. These companies provide a highly scalable, secure and fraud resistant environment for e-commerce.

To become an affiliate in these companies, you have to scour through and find affiliate selling information products in the categories that they think they can sell and will go with the image of the website. Then, they need to sign up with the chosen affiliate program provider and adopt a nickname. Finally, once the registration formalities are completed, the registered user links on to the affiliate online. On every sale they assist, they get a percentage as commission.

One thing that you should keep in mind before choosing an affiliate program is the percentage of commission. An ideal affiliate program should at least give you around 30 percent or more. There are some that even offer 50-60%. Affiliate marketing is a great way to start earning an additional income, without a big investment and it is fair enough because you are making money from the visitors who cost you, but dont give you any revenue in return.
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