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5 Surefire Strategies To Attract Ideal Clients From Your Website

Aug 17, 2007
Service professionals create websites to attract clients. They want more than an Internet presence: they want Internet profits.

Your website will become a productive, profit-generating resource when you attract ideal clients who are right for you - those who contribute to your business growth. So your website needs to target those ideal clients and begin to establish a connection with them.

Here are 5 ways your website can develop a strong connection with clients who belong in your practice.

(1) Write with an edge.

Your ideal clients will enjoy the way you think, talk and act. Will they enjoy your off-beat sense of humor? Will they be offended by your direct style of communication? Do they share your love of cats, dogs or travel?

Create authentic content and enjoy meeting cilents who appreciate the Real You.

(2) Explain your style of working with clients.

Okay, I will be honest. I love appointments. I hate drop-in anything.

I am not spatially organized. I work surrounded by mysterious piles of paper and my decorating scheme is Martha Stewart's worst nightmare.

But temporally I like to be organized. If we have a 3 PM appointment, and you call me at the last minute to ask, "Can I call at 4 instead," I will not be a happy camper. Of course we all can be flexible in emergencies, but some professionals thrive on last-minute changes and impromptu apppoints.

Communicate your preferences. Phone or in-person? Timed appointments or open-ended sessions? Last minute changes?

(3) Clarify your values.

Are you a left-brained scientific consultant? Or have you watched The Secret fifty-five times and counting?

What authors and gurus guide your work? What approach have you adopted?

Rather than come up with a laundry list of values and attitudes (which often leaves readers puzzled), I recommend creating pages that list your favorite books, music and movies. You may even create affiliate accounts with online bookstores so readers can send you small commissions as they make their choices.

(4) Guide your readers to make choices that work for them.

Increasingly we see sales pages that come with a warning, "This product is not for everybody."

For example, I sell an information product to help marketers stand out from the clutter and earn money by writing online book reviews. You will not get paid by the online bookstore. But you can choose books and reviewing styles to attract clients and buyers.

But not everyone should try. You have to enjoy reading and writing. You must be self-motivated.

Marketers who offer coaching programs increasingly say, "Don't bother to sign up if you are a whiner or complainer." They are not kidding.

Few of us will hold up our hands and say, "Sure, I am a whiner. I guess I don't belong in that program."

But an anti-whine statement creates expectations. When clients feel tempted to whine (and we all are, every so often) they will stop. Or you can (tactfully) ask permission to say, "Stop, please!"

(5) Add personality to your testimonials.

Everyone needs testimonials. Nobody wants to be the first person to hire a resource. Potential clients come with 1 big question: Does this person deliver results to someone like me?

When collecting testimonials, don't limit yourself to famous names who say, "Anyone can benefit from hiring Mary" or, "John's name should be on everyone's list."

Instead, add testimonials from real people: "I had no experience with this process. I was skeptical. After working with Les, I gained..."

This testimonial communicates that you welcome skeptics: you don't mind answering tough questions. You work with beginners. And you deliver results.

If you're looking for more clients with those qualities, chances are they'll arrive.
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Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., helps service professionals take their websites from online presence to online profits. Download the 7 Best-Kept Secrets of Client-Attracting Websites.
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