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How To Build One Profitable Website After Another

Aug 17, 2007
You've been trying for months, maybe years now, to make your website profitable.

All you hear about is how people are setting up one income stream after another. They build a website and it turns into a little money well for them, then they move onto another site, another niche, another market and repeat the process.

How do they do it and more to the point why aren't you?

This is the question not just on your lips but on thousands of webmasters around the world. All sold the hype that it's easy as pie to make piles of cash by just slapping up any old website and sticking adsense on the pages.

Of course, this turned out to be not so true, so what is the key to really making a profit on the net.

Well, for starters ignore all this bum marketing crap. What is the point of writing hundreds of articles and then sending all that traffic to someone else's website? Sure you may make a few dollars doing this, and that, for a lot of people, is enough. Most people just want to see if it's possible that they too can make some money (any money) from the internet.

But there's a better way.

You must concentrate all of your efforts on building your own site. If possible, pick a niche you're interested in and check that there's a demand for it and not a ridiculous amount of competition (or it'll be harder to make a profit).

Build web pages full of useful, original content, and build plenty of them. Make your site "sticky" so that people will want to actually read your site and maybe even link to it if they have their own site. Begin to turn your site into the authority in its niche.

Use the power of article marketing. Write (or have written) plenty of articles but have them point to your site using different keywords in the anchor text of the author bio on each article.

So far so good. You should have a site with decent, original content (and for goodness sake, ignore all the article spinners and so called content "generators" - there's no need and it's just another way for cynical marketers to squeeze every last cent out of you.)

You will also have a growing collection of incoming links which are helping your site rank in the search engines for the keywords you have selected.

Now you can play around with some of the more Web 2.0 styled traffic growing options like creating a Squidoo lens and adding a Wordpress blog to your site. But all of that should come later, once you've set the foundations of your site.

Once your site is looking good, it's showing up in a few directories, has a few incoming links and is starting to rank for search terms; now you can start to monetise it.

Personally, I start off with a few adsense blocks scattered in the most effective positions. These will start to bring in the cash almost immediately. Then, depending on the niche, I'll settle for adsense income or I'll ramp things up and introduce a mailing list, affiliate products and maybe even my own product.

There's an endless array of things you can do to monetise your site, the most important thing is having your own site and building strong foundations. How you make money from it is then down to testing and tracking your results.

Like anything it's easy when you know how. Just be prepared to put in some work in the initial stages. Once you've got yourself a formula you're comfortable with, you'll find it gets easier and easier to build sites and you'll make more and more money in a variety of different niches.
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