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Five Steps To Getting Indexed

Aug 17, 2007
Are you kidding me? that's probably what your thinking right now. How can I get indexed in the search engine with only five simple steps? Well to your surprise it's really true, and 100% free. When ever people mention Google, MSN, and Yahoo as being the top search engines, the first thing one might think would be, how in the world do I compete with all of the millions of websites out there. Well by the time you get done reading this you will be well on your way to getting indexed and indexed really fast.

Step 1

Attempt to attract the big dog first meaning Google. Getting indexed in Google is a good goal to have since Google is probably the most used search engine. The first thing you would want to do is visit the Google webmasters central then click on submit your content to Google. Next click ad your url to Google. Follow the rest of the steps they give you, and now you will be ready to let Goggle know you exists.

Step 2

Create a blog. Creating a blog is a very simple and efficient way of getting the Google spiders to crawl your website. Simply create a blog, write a simple letter or story to yourself or anyone you may have in mind. Now pay close attention to what I have to say. When writing your letter you will want to include your website as a link in your message. You don't want to over do it, two may be three links, if you over do it will send a red flag to the spiders. Use this article for example see the links if the spider were to crawl this article it would send them to what ever sites the links point to..

Step 3

Ping your blog. Simply find your RSS link or just use your blog address. Visit a ping site this is how you actually get the Google spiders to come to your blog. This method is simply and very easy.

Step 4

Article writing. This is the most effective way of all steps. You see search engines love content and where else to get content than a article directory they are full of stories, news, you name it. Plus people visit article directories all the time. Simply follow this link usually a article directory will guide you through the step on posting a article. The more directories you post in, the more links back to your site you will have.

Step 5

This step is called web2.0 which consist of joining the social networking goal mine. You've probably visited some of these sites before My Space, Delicious, Digg... Simply join these sites and book mark or what ever they do.. Plus you can also put one of there logos on your site so that people can put your site or a page to your site on one of these networking websites the search engines loves this.
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