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Are You Wondering Why No One Is Responding To Your Emails?

Aug 17, 2007
Spam filters and blockers do a nice job of removing unsolicited email as well as obvious spam, but most of them will also filter out wanted email such as newsletters and information that was confirmed by a recipient.

Why are they doing this?

Because it is getting much more difficult to distinguish the difference between legitimate email and spam. Spammers are using the same mailing techniques used by legitimate senders.

So how can you keep your email messages out of the Spam Trap?

It may help to understand some common practices of Spammers and how to identify spam email.

Techniques of a Spammer

1. They will relay their messages through more then one mail server. If an email passes through two or more mail servers, then it will be caught by most spam filters and you will see multiple headers in the email.

2. Emails are sent with a string of numeric digits in the From: address of the emails header.

3. The Sent To field may have a missing address, the name of a mailing list instead of an individual recipient or it may contain an undisclosed recipient heading.

4. The Reply To header is blank.

5. The From and To headers may have the same email address.

6. CC or BC headers may contain many user names that are the same or email addresses containing the same domain.

Look for these common red flags and you may avoid having your ezine or follow up emails trapped by spam filters.

Spammers and the Subject Line

How many times have you seen the word Free in a subject line? Although the word Free may attract the attention of many readers, it could also be the reason why many of your emails do not get read by your readers.

Keep these things in mind when putting together your Subject lines and avoid the Spam Trap.

1. Do not use more than one exclamation or question mark.

2. Try not to use a string of numeric digits.

3. This one is fairly obvious, but avoid using all caps.

4. Always put something in the subject line, never leave it blank.

5. Using ADV in the subject will get your message filtered just about every time.

6. T.h.i.s i.s n.o.t a g.o.o.d i.d.e.a either.

The subject line is very important when you are trying to get your readers attention but it will not matter much if it attracts the attention of the spam filters first. You can still put together captivating subject lines without using obvious tricks that do not really matter unless you are a Spammer.

Spammers and Content

The content of your messages may be the hardest part when it comes to avoiding the spam filters because this is one area that constantly changes as the Spammer learns what works and what does not.

There are a few things that you can take into consideration when developing the content of your email messages.

1. Always include list removal instructions. Do not use mail to links with Remove in the subject. This will send your message right to the Spam Trap. It is ok to have removal instructions in the email, just do
not use the mail to tag. The safest way is to use a custom coded instant removal link.

2. Avoid having forms encoded in your messages. If possible, use a hyperlink to a website form.

3. There are many common spam phrases that the spam filters look for, such as be amazed, earn dollars, money order, business opportunity, these are just a few. Just remember not to use to much hype. A little hype can actually go a long way.

4. Try not to have alot of marketing related promises in your messages. Some examples are fast cash promises, building a downline quickly, etc. This can be challenging if you are selling advertising space in your newsletter or publication.

5. Also avoid using currency denominations in the millions. This one will make sure your messages Does Not get read.

The above items are exactly what the spam filters are looking for. Even though some of them may seem extreme, by implementing them you will have a much better chance of reaching your audience.

Avoid the frustration of having your email messages trapped by the spam filters and consider the above suggestions, thus keeping your newsletters and messages free and clear of the Spam Trap.

Copyright 2007 by Joe Rispoli
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