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7 Dollar Script: The Pros and Cons

Aug 17, 2007
If you were living under a rock or were on a deserted island, then perhaps are not aware of a wave of 7 dollar reports that has taken the Internet Marketing community by storm. A very honest guy called Jonathan Leger unleashed a script that would let anyone sell information products for a mere $7.00. The power of the script was it's viral nature which stemmed from the fact that anyone can promote the info-products using their PayPal email address and get paid instantly, without having to wait for affiliate checks to come in each month. This immediate payment and immediate gratification has fueled a frenzy of "7 dollar sites" to spring up all over the Internet.

This 7 dollar script has many advantage and disadvantages associated with it. Some claim it's the best thing to happen to Internet marketing. Some swear it's caused the death of Internet marketing. Lets look at the pros and cons of the script in more detail.

The Pros:

#1 The script is very affordable.

The price of the script is only $7.00. Thus it is a very cheap script to purchase if you are looking for a script that will handle payment and delivery for your digital goods such as ebooks. The script is powered by PayPal and uses secure payments. Thus making it very affordable for entry level Internet marketers who need to setup websites and sell digital goods without breaking the bank.

#2 The script is easy to install.

Setting the script up is relatively easy. The whole process is well documented and if followed, the instructions are very precise. The script can be setup in a matter of a few hours, if not sooner.

#3 Has good features

The script comes with many features such as One Time Offer capability to upsell your customers with a higher priced item. The security features alone are worth more than the cost of the script. The script is complete with all the features that an Internet marketer would need in order to sell his or her digital goods online.

#4 Affiliate system built in

The fact that anyone can simply use their PayPal email address to promote the product that's being sold via the script means that you as a publisher of the product needn't worry about setting up an affiliate system or program. The script automatically provides a way for affiliates to tag their PayPal email address and get paid instantly. This means that the product publisher is free of additional chores such as paying affiliates manually etc since the script does it automatically when a sale is made.

#5 The script is viral

Because virtually anyone can tag their PayPal email address to a product, promote it and get paid instantly any site using the script will naturally see a viral promotion effect manifest itself. Since affiliates get paid instantly, more and more people will start promoting your sites without you having to do any active promoting. The viral effect will bring in more sales and profits.

#6 You can build your own list

The script lets you collect the email addresses of your customers and thus lets you build your very own email list. Your own email list is very important if you are to make any money in Internet marketing. And the 7 dollar script lets you easily build a list that you can use to make back end sales.

The Cons:

*1 Lower price point, less profits up front

Since the suggested price point for the product sold through the script is 7 dollars, this limits the profit margin. The lower price point is what makes the product appealing and thus increasing it will decrease the appeal of the product. The publisher will not be able to make much profit up front.

*2 Unclear payment resolution

Since the affiliate gets paid up front, the publisher doesn't really know if the payment went through. Thus is a customer complains that he didn't receive the ordered product the publisher will be responsible to offer it for free at this point. If the publisher got paid in the first place then he would be in a position to verify payment and then either refund or redeliver. This is the nature of the script.

*3 Mistaken product ownership.

Since the affiliate gets paid up front the customer perceives as the affiliate as the product owner. This leads to occasional misunderstandings and refund requests directed at the affiliate instead of the product publisher. This can lead to frustration for the affiliates, specially if the refund rates are high. It could alto lead to affiliate PayPal account being limited by PayPal if customers make complains to them.

*4 Cannot be used for any digital product that might be seen as "get rich quick"

Although many ebooks are clearly not get rich schemes, PayPal is the ultimate authority that decides if it is a get rich quick scheme or not. If a product is considered by them to be a Get Rich Quick product then PayPal might restrict both the publisher's AND affiliates' PayPal accounts. So caution should be used when using the script on certain products.

The 7 dollar script is therefore a good script if you avoid the pitfalls. It is important to know how and wen to use the script and which products to use it with. The script is definitely worth trying out but make sure you use it wisely.
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