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7 Ways To Building A Better Relationship With Your List

Aug 17, 2007
Building a better relationship with your list is vital to your business. When you have a good relationship with your list, your subscribers will be more likely to stay on your list, trust you and your business, and will be more likely to purchase products from your websites.

Here are 7 Ways to Building a Better Relationship with Your List -

1. Send Regular Mailings: Send out newsletters at least once a week to your list. If you do not send regular mailings to your list your customers will tend to forget about you and your business. Also, do not send more than one or two mailings per week, because your subscribers can feel overwhelmed and in turn unsubscribe from your list.

2. Supply Interesting Content: Your content that you send to your list should be informative, interesting and helpful to your subscribers. This will keep them interested and waiting for your next mailing. If you need to, you should hire a writer to supply the content for your newsletters.

3. Offer Discounts and Specials: Offer your mailing list specials and discounts specifically for your list members, and not other website visitors. Make it clear to your mailing list that these discounts and offers are made exclusively for them and no one else.

4. Give Your List Something for Free: Everyone loves to get something for nothing. Offer your list something for free such as a company product, a free booklet that they can download immediately, or anything else you can think of. Make good use of your free product, too. If you offer a mug or t-shirt for free put your company name, company logo, website, and other information on that product.

If you offer a free downloadable booklet include promotional information and affiliate links so you can get some marketing and cash from that booklet. To your mailing list this will be a cool product for free, and to you it will be a great promotional product!

5. Sign up For List Search Engines: There are websites that create categorized links to any kind of lists out there. Find them and sign up for them to have your list listed with these websites. You should get more subscribers and free back links to your list and website.

6. Let Your Personality Show: You should write something in your newsletter just from you such as an editorial. Tell your list about how your business is doing, any new things happening, any new products, and any news you can think of. This will help your customers in your list build trust with you by showing them that you are a real person.

You will be more likely to make more sales this way. Just let your personality show through, and make sure you have written it in proper grammar. If you aren't sure you can have someone proofread your editorials for you.

7. Constantly Offer Something They Can Use: Constantly offer your list information, products, services, etc. that they will find useful, interesting, inspiring, entertaining, and more. They will be more likely to tell others about your list, and will pay attention to your mailing when it reaches their inbox.
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