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5 Things You Should Avoid In Internet Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
If you have your own online business, internet marketing can be one of the best ways to start growing your business. On the other hand, if you do the wrong things in internet marketing, you may destroy your business and have to deal with long lasting problems.

It is important that you first understand internet marketing and how it works before you get started. If you want to avoid committing internet marketing faux pas, then read on for specific things you need to avoid.

Announcing Your Website too Soon One thing that you should never do in internet marketing is to announce the presence of your website too soon.

You want to make sure that your website is totally complete before you announce it and start driving traffic to your site.

Once your website is complete, functional and ready for use, then you can start promoting your website in ways that will drive traffic to your site.

Requiring Registration
While having people register for e-newsletters is a great idea, it is usually a bad idea to make people register before you will provide them with any information at all.

If people arrive at your website, only to have to register before they can read anything, chances are that they will leave and never return. Save this type of internet marketing for people who would like more information in the way of e-newsletters and you will get a much better response.

Avoid Pop-Up Ads
One type of internet marketing that has been overused to the point of hatred is the pop-up ad. So many people have used this method in the past that it is becoming highly ineffective.

Pop-up ads have become more like a bothersome mosquito to internet users, and most of them will probably immediately close out the ad without even looking at it. While these once may have been popular, they are not effective now, so why spend the money.

Outdated Information
Another thing you need to avoid when involved in internet marketing is having outdated information up on your website.

While you may not have time to update your site every single day, you need to keep it updated enough that it looks fresh and exciting to viewers.

If it is Christmas time and you still are talking about last Easter, readers will catch on quickly that the site is not being kept up and will probably go elsewhere for their needs.

Requesting too Much Info
Another very common mistake that you should avoid is asking your website visitors for too much information. If you are going to ask for information, ask simply for their name and email address.

Those who start asking for phone numbers and addresses will probably not be successful because most people do not like to give out that information online.

If you can just acquire their email address that will be helpful enough, and people are much more likely to give out their email address than they are to give out other information.

Since there are so many different internet marketing strategies to choose from, it is easy to get a bit confused about internet marketing if you are just getting started.

While there may be many options to choose from, knowing what mistakes to avoid can help you get started. Take the time to learn from others and avoid these common mistakes that other marketers have made.

Just avoiding internet marketing mistakes will have you a step ahead of many other marketers, which can lead your business on to success.
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