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Aug 17, 2007
Even if you're home business isn't an online business, you are more than likely going to be using a personal computer (PC) or laptop and printer or all-in-one, a fax, and possibly a scanner. You might have a digital camera, a camcorder, or any number or variety of home business equipment. You need to keep these safe from intruders into your home business environment.

Of course, intruders come in two forms: those that creep onto your physical property to rob or otherwise harm you and your home business; and those that creep via the Internet into your online portals and wreak havoc on your home business and its ability to use your computer equipment or access your home business records, documents, marketing materials and e-mailed or other electronic correspondence.

Here are some tips on PC security.

The most basic piece of information you must have about your online home business is that your broadband access, while the fastest and most reliable, is the most prone to break-ins such as spamming, hacking, cracking, viruses, Trojan horses, worms and the worst of all - hijacking or pirating. The always-on aspect of broadband services makes it prone to these kinds of attacks. You must protect your home business with software programs that keep these evil doers at bay.

Included in these Internet business protection programs are personal firewalls, anti-virus applications that are updated on a regular basis, very strong passwords, a VPN (virtual private network that encrypts data), software capable of erasing data permanently from your hard drive, a backup for your computer system, software patches that you apply on a regular basis for the detection of bugs and viruses, hardening of your box (operating system), regularly scheduled maintenance of your software applications and operating system, file and print sharing protection and upkeep, anti-theft devices and the security conscientiousness of everyone that comes in contact with the online aspects of your home business.

When it comes time to create your home business Internet password forget the obvious dates of birth of you or loved ones, name of your dog, your hometown, your anniversary date, and so forth. Even using these backwards have become very commonplace. While random passwords and those that you choose because they mean nothing have one big hazard - you may or may not remember them. One of the best suggestions we've ever heard came from a security guru with a long time Internet business of his own.

He suggested that you think of something special and make a phrase or sentence out of it. He said it should contain some numbers and some proper nouns. For instance, you might decide that you could easily remember that "The best moment of my life was July 8, 1962, the day my daughter Emily was born." Now you take the first letter (or number) of each word, making the letters case sensitive where they should be. Your home business password, using this method, would become tbmomlwJ81962tdmdEwb. Pretty lengthy password. You might say when 'Emily' instead of 'the day my daughter Emily' but you get the idea. Nobody is going to guess that password and you can easily remember the phrase.

When you are first starting your online home business you can save yourself some money and still get strong PC protection by downloading some of the free but quality anti-virus and spyware protection available.

Even if only a small part of your home business is on the Internet, you still need to be vigilant.
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Garland Choate (GR) is a retired Airline Captain who has been in internet marketing for many years. Now, he is retired in the US Virgin Islands where he writes and does more marketing from home. A good start for a home internet business is his site at http://www.TrafficForLifeOnline.com
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